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FishinJay: Slum Lords Alive In CdA

FishinJay (re: "FB: No rental houses in Coeur d'Alene"): There are lots of "for rent" signs, but the conditions in many of these places are disgusting. I can speak from experience here, because I just completed a 4 month effort to find a place to live. I started off with a month and a half of looking at just about every 2 or 3 bedroom house for rent in the 83814 zip. Let me tell you, slum-lording is alive and well in CdA! It is common to find black mold, rotten floors and ceilings, broken appliances and fixtures, stained stinking carpet, and a flat out refusal by the land lord to fix those things prior to a renter moving in. But it was easy to see why: people are snapping up these rentals just as quickly as they come on the market. It's unbelievable to me what other people are willing to rent in this town. Remainder of comment in drop-down box.

Question: Have you had a bad experience with a rental or a landlord in the Coeur d'Alene/Kootenai County area?

Man owes $15k for Craigslist rental scam

A Spokane man who swindled several potential renters out of about $15,000 has been sentenced to a year pin prison.

Jeffery S. Crutchfield, 40, pleaded guilty to first-degree theft and was ordered to spend a year and a day behind bars and pay $15,070 in restitution.

Crutchfield was considered a model tenant at 1328 E. Wabash Ave. when he began advertising the home for rent on Craigslist. He collected deposits from at least seven potential renters, but when they showed up to move in, they realized they'd been duped, court documents say.

Crutchfield has been in jail since his arrest last October.

He has previous theft convictions in Oregon, as well as a third-degree assault conviction relating to a 1996 drunken driving crash that paralyzed a woman. He was sentenced then to 13 months and jail and denied responsibility for the crash, according to previously published.