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OTV: Reviews To Continue On Blog

To paraphrase an old quip from some unknown wit, the only things that will survive the impending nuclear holocaust are cockroaches, Cher and Hudson’s Hamburgers. Eventually, all situations must go pear-shaped and come to an end, and so is the sad fate of this humble little local section of the newspaper you hold in your ink-smeared fingers. You can put away that bottle of Jack Daniels and dry your tears, (shameless plug alert) new columns will continue to happen at www.getoutnorthidaho.com. In the last four years, many of the establishments I’ve covered in these pages have managed to reach their final doom, and I’ve often joked that they’ve simply fallen victim to the brutal and tragic Get Out Curse. It wasn’t always bad reviews that would cause this phenomenon. It would happen randomly, and sometimes the reasons for their death were quite obvious, while others floated away more mysteriously/OrangeTV, Get Out! North Idaho. More here.

Question: Which gone-but-not-forgotten North Idaho restaurant do you miss most?