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My favorite local Mexican restaurant

A couple of months ago, a reader asked me for a recommendation about local Mexican restaurants.

I wasn't much help. The place I visited most often had just closed, as had another eatery I might have mentioned.

My response to the reader's query, as I recall, might have alluded to a couple of places I frequented when I lived in El Paso and Tucson long ago. Not exactly useful information. 

But now I have an answer. It's El Ranchito in Davenport.

Last week, during a family outing in the car, it became necessary to search for a restroom. I pulled up next to El Ranchito just as a guy who worked there was approaching the front door on foot.

He said that the place wasn't open yet. But I went ahead and explained the situation. He smiled and made a "come on inside" gesture.

This was much appreciated. So, on our way back through Davenport several hours later, I stopped at El Ranchito again. I went in and ordered several to-go cheese enchilada dinners.

Mostly I did this to reiterate our thanks for the earlier kindness. But it turned out that the food was really good.

I'll be back.

Feel free to tout your own favorite Mexican place (even if you've never experienced a bathroom rescue there).

House bill clears the way to the restroom for people with certain medical conditions…

Washington’s House of Representatives today passed House Bill 1138, which would require retailers to let customers with certain medical conditions use the store’s restroom, even if it’s not a public restroom.

Patterned after an Illinois law, the bill is aimed at people with inflammatory bowel disease like Crohn’s disease. The conditions — which are incurable — can cause crippling pain and a very urgent need to use the bathroom.

“Oftentimes, you have no warning or little warning,” said Rep. Marko Liias, D-Mukilteo, the bill’s prime sponsor.

Patients would need a statement from their doctor and the bill includes some safety provisions for store workers and merchandise. The bill passed 90-7.