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Some things we could go all session without hearing

OLYMPIA – When the Legislature starts Monday, it would be nice if the first bill they passed would outlaw certain stock phrases that are already worn out.
The much-needed Bill to Ban Over-Used Rhetoric might contain the following:
“Everything is on the table…” when used to describe someone’s view of how to cut the budget.
Everything is NEVER on the table. For example, the state has a constitutional duty to provide for the basic education of its children. You can argue what constitutes basic education, but you can’t argue that the state can stop paying for education.
Similarly, the state sells bonds to build things now, and promises to pay them back over time. Putting bond payments “on the table” suggests the state would renege on its legal obligations, and no one in their right mind would do that. The list of somethings that can’t be on the table is actually pretty long.