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Indiscreet Tweets Lead To 3 Firings

Note to self: Don't drink on the job, don't swap insults about the "idiot boss" (aka the congressman) and, oh, don't tweet about it. Three congressional aides for U.S. Rep. Rick Larsen apparently failed to follow that script, resulting in their swift sacking after they inexplicably broadcast their high jinks via Twitter. Larsen, a Democrat from Lake Stevens, fired the three staffers Thursday, just an hour after being alerted to a stream of indiscreet tweets dating back to July. The Twitter feeds were filled with comments about watching Nirvana videos on taxpayers' dime, swigging "Jack" behind desks and other depictions of congressional staffers behaving badly/Kyung M. Song, Seattle Times Washington bureau. More here. (Wikipedia photo of Congressman Larsen)

Question: Have you ever read an indiscreet Twitter/Facebook post by someone about his/her boss or work place that might get them fired?

Primary over. Lessons learned?

Thousands of votes are still to be counted from Tuesday’s primary, but along with most races, some lessons are clear.
Lesson 1: It may be uncomfortable to be an incumbent this year, but it’s not fatal. Few incumbents were eliminated in the state’s unusual Top Two primary, but some clearly have their work ahead of them.
Count among them state Sen. Chris Marr, a Spokane businessman who received party acclaim four years ago as the first Democrat to win the seat in Spokane’s 6th District in six decades, but trails GOP challenger Mike Baumgartner in this primary.
Or ask Spokane County Prosecutor Steve Tucker, a three-term Republican incumbent who faced two party challengers and finished second to Democrat Frank Malone.
U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers and most sitting House members had an easy primary night, five-term Democratic incumbent U.S. Rep. Rick Larsen is trading the lead with Republican challenger John Koster in northwestern Washington’s 2nd District.
For all the knock against establishment candidates…