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Ban on two-abreast bicycling debated by Idaho Legislature

CYCLING — The mantra of less government control in Idaho apparently doesn't apply to bicyclists.

An Idaho representative wants to forbid bicyclists from riding two abreast as part of a bike-safety measure that would also require drivers to maintain a three-foot distance from cyclists when passing.

The Spokesman-Review reported that Rep. Marv Hagedorn of Meridian suggested adding the two-abreast ban to the bill before it was sent to the House for amendments on an 8-4 vote.

Its sponsor, Rep. Roy Lacey of Pocatello, hopes to make it safer for non-motorized transportation on Idaho’s roadways.

Lacey’s measure also covers pedestrians, joggers, wheelchairs and horses.

Not everybody was supportive.

House Assistant Majority Leader Scott Bedke cited an existing law requiring motorists to exercise due care when passing.

But Kurt Holzer, a Boise attorney and cyclist, says this bill helps define just what “due care” means.

What’s your image of a road cyclist?

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