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Hall: Beware Of The Roundabouts

I spent an intimidating period during my younger life dodging danger in the large city of Washington, D.C. But it wasn't the muggers who scared me or the insane drivers or the presence of admitted politicians. It was the roundabouts. Those circular intersections were unnerving to a newcomer. So I was not sorry to leave them behind when I returned to the less frantic streets here in Lewiston. But now this small city is building a roundabout. And I trust we will survive the great honor of experiencing an enhancement we don't especially need. Mind you, I have nothing against the theoretical idea of a roundabout. After all, I lived to tell about navigating such a thing. But there is a definite learning curve to find your way safely into and out of that traffic gimmick/Bill Hall, Lewiston Tribune. More here.

DFO: When the city of Coeur d'Alene proposed the first roundabout, by the Nazarene Church on 4th Street, I thought the Street Department had lost its collective mind. Now, I'm a ha-huge fan of roundabouts b/c they get traffic through tough intersections quickly.

Question: Do you (heart) the roundabouts in the Coeur d'Alene/Post Falls/Hayden areas?

Roundabouts Are Part Of Conspiracy

JMRusche (re: Lewiston straightens out roundabout issue): We just had an attack on a roundabout project here in Lewiston. The initial vote failed and would have cost the city $800,000 to repay funds to the state and Feds. Why the opposition? Roundabouts are part of Agenda 21 don’t you know. Part of the UN take-over, the new world order. We sell tinfoil helmets too.

Question: Are roundabouts part of the UN's Agenda 21 crusade, too?

Saturday’s highlights

The newest roundabout in the Spokane Valley is at Flora Road and Mission Avenue. SR photo/J. Bart Rayniak

We managed to pack a lot of news into Saturday's Valley Voice. We looked into the growing popularity of roundabouts, which are popping up all over Spokane County. The city of Spokane Valley now has three.

Reporter Lisa Leinberger listened to the superintendents of four Spokane Valley school districts talk to the Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce education committee about cuts they have made over the years because of reduced funding from the State. She also stopped by East Valley High School, which installed an automated external defribrillator last week.

The Spokane Valley Fire Department had a busy week with several arson fires and a major two-alarm fire at a medical building.  

Koot-Con: Carried Away w/Roundabouts

Kootenai Conservative: Roundabouts are practical in some cases - the one at Kathleen and 4th, for example - but it many cases they aren’t necessary and seem to be installed only because they’re the current traffic ‘fad.’ There’s one on Poleline in Post Falls that should be a two-way stop. And now the brain trust that is the CDA City Council is planning to put one at the NW corner of City Park so the poor folks on Park Drive can’t get out of their homes in the winter. I’m all for increasing safety, but don’t get carried away.

Question: Are you a fan of traffic roundabouts?