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Christies Auction in New York…

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Picture Credit: Associated Press

You are an antique if you remember watching Roy Rogers, his horse Trigger and Dale Evans on black and white television. Well, Christie’s, a New York auction house is selling the remnants of the King of the Cowboys, and with it, very little will be left of one of the faux heroes of our generation. Next Wednesday and Thursday they are selling the remnants of the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum in Branson, Missouri.

Among the items for sale are a stuffed and mounted replica of Trigger, rearing on its hind legs. It also will feature Rogers’ 1964 Bonneville convertible adorned with collectible silver dollars, its door handles and gear shift replaced by silver-plated pistols.

Other items for sale include: Rogers’ and Evans’ performance outfits; the preserved remains of Rogers’ dog, Bullet; about 60 pairs of cowboy boots; the Rogers family dining table; and the Jeep “Nellybelle” from the Roy Rogers TV show. Hand-drawn music for the theme song “Happy Trails” has a pre-sale estimate of $300 to $500. So does a grouping of two Rogers’ guitars.

What made Roy Rogers and Dale Evans so memorable, aside from their television and movie stardom, was their charitable image outside the studio. He and Evans adopted several children and started a foundation for children in need.

One cannot help but wonder if, in the far distant future, we will have such durable stars from our current generation, whose lives-in-passage became role models, who rode soft into the sunset leaving an epitaph in their wake of gentle service.

We do not have any good cowboys left anymore, do we?


They’re Auctioning Off Trigger!

In this Feb. 15, 1984, file photo, Roy Rogers is shown with his wife Dale Evans before the stuffed remains of Trigger, Roy’s horse, at the Roy Rogers museum in Victorville, Calif. An upcoming New York auction will feature Rogers belongings including the preserved remains of his famous horse, Trigger. The presale estimate for the dead horse is $100,000 to $200,000. (AP Photo/Lennox McLendon, file)

Question: Who is your favorite, old-time cowboy TV or movie star?