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Bay Views: It Started At Ruby Ridge

On the anniversary of the Ruby Ridge sage, Herb Huseland wrote an off-the-grid opinion re: loners like Randy Weaver & his family:

It all started with disillusioned Viet Nam Veterans and other drop outs. The 1970's saw a huge movement toward, “back to the land.” Magazines like Farmstead, Organic Gardening, and many others taught gardening skills to city folks that were two generations removed from those that knew and ;practiced self sufficiency. Local author, Carla Emory wrote a book that is practically a bible for back to the land skills. She lives in Moscow, Idaho. Most of these loners, for want of a better generalization, headed for the hills. Mentally exhausted,spitting on them, reviled by left wing zealots yelling terms like, “baby killers” at returning veterans, convinced many to avoid the society that not only didn't honor them for their service, but reviled them, just didn't want to settle in amongst those that treated them so harshly. More here. (SR file photo showing aerial view of Weaver home 20 years ago)

Question: Do you feel threatened by armed loners who live in isolated areas of the Inland Northwest?

20 years later, events at Ruby Ridge still reverberate…

Twenty years after the 11-day Ruby Ridge siege in North Idaho left three people dead, longtime Spokesman-Review reporter Bill Morlin examines the effect the event had on right-wing extremism in America, helping spark the militia movement of the 1990s; you can read his report here at spokesman.com. Meanwhile, Ruby Ridge survivor Sara Weaver, pictured here, has found religion and says she's now ready to forgive. Longtime AP reporter in Spokane Nick Geranios interviewed the now-36-year-old woman, who lives in Montana and has recently published a book; she told him, "I decided I was broken and needed to be fixed." Click below for his full report.

Sara Weaver Advocates Forgiveness

On the 20th anniversary of her family’s deadly standoff with federal law enforcement officers at Ruby Ridge, Idaho, Sara Weaver (shown in 2010 AP file photo) is an advocate of forgiveness. “Three years ago I Googled my name, and I thought – that’s not the legacy I want to leave for my son,” Weaver said. “That doesn’t represent what God has done with my life.” Weaver was 16 when her father, Randy Weaver, got in a shootout with federal marshals at his cabin in northern Idaho. Deputy U.S. Marshal William Degan and Weaver’s 14-year-old son Sammy Weaver were both killed on the first day after officers tried to serve a warrant for weapons charges. Sara Weaver’s mother, Vicki Weaver, was shot dead by an FBI sniper the next day, and her father and another man were wounded. The standoff lasted 11 days/Rob Chaney, Missoulian. More here.

Question: Why is forgiveness such a powerful force?

P.S. Sara Weaver & Forgiveness

Sara  Weaver-Balter is shown in this recent photo at Redneck Chic store, south of Kalispell, Mont.  Weaver-Balter has forgiven the federal agents who shot and killed her mother and brother 18 years ago on Idaho’s Ruby Ridge. That’s the message she wants to impart to the nation and especially the people who did the shooting. Story here. (AP Photo/Daily Inter Lake, Brenda Ahearn)

DFO: As someone who covered the human rights half of the Ruby Ridge saga — I was at St. Pius X Catholic Church when Bill Wassmuth & other task force leaders announced that Sammy Weaver was dead & agents had found his body — I’m inspired by this story. Sara Weaver-Balter’s act of forgiving the federal agents who killed her mother and her brother is one of the great act’s of God’s grace that I’ve seen. I’m rerunning this story, so I can ask this question:

Question: Is it important for good mental health to forgive others who have wronged you?

PM: Ruby Ridge Figure Forgives Agents

Roxanne Allenbach, 12, of Colfax, Wash., tries herding Buddy the pig through the Swine Barn entrance chute at the Palouse Empire Fair earlier today, outside Colfax. Allenbach was helping her brother and friends with the pigs. She will show a steer at the fair. (AP Photo/Moscow-Pullman Daily News)

AM: Survivor Describes Ruby Ridge ‘Hell’

White separatist Randy Weaver points to his cabin on a model of his Ruy  Ridge, Idaho, property while testifying on Capitol Hill Sept. 6, 1995, before a Senate Judiciary subcommittee which was holding hearings on the 1992 raid on his cabin. Subcommittee Chairman Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., left, along with attorneys Gary Gilman, right, holding photo of the cabin, and Gerry Spence, second from right, look on. Now, Weaver’s daughter, Sarah Weaver-Balter, of Kalispell, Mont., discusses the living hell her family went through on Ruby Ridge here. (AP Photo/Dennis Cook)

Question: Who was to blame for Ruby Ridge?