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AM: Ryan Leaf Cools Heels In Jail

In this July 27, 2010, file photo, former NFL/WSU quarterback Ryan Leaf is shown in Holter Lake, Mont. Authorities say Leaf was arrested in his Montana hometown on burglary and drug possession charges on Friday. See story below. (AP Photo/Mike Albans, File)

Congrats Beiron, Kris White 1


FROM PULLMAN — This post was going to be longer, I swear. But then our system ate it. Then I wrote the entire thing again. Then the system ate it. So here it is, the third try, and if you're reading it, that means I made it through without flinging my laptop off the balcony like a frisbee. Read on.

Ryan Leaf Arrested 2 Times In 2 Days

Former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf makes an initial court appearance before Cascade County District Judge Dirk Sandefur via video link as his defense attorney, Eric Olson, listens at left, Monday in Great Falls, Mont. Leaf was arrested again on Monday and is accused of committing another burglary two days after he posted bail on charges that he broke into a friend's home and stole prescription painkillers, a drug task force commander said. Updated story here. (AP Photo/The Great Falls Tribune, Larry Beckner)

The Friday arrest of former Washington State quarterback Ryan Leaf in Great Falls, Mont., was the result of a monthlong investigation by a Montana drug task force. Great Falls Police Sgt. Chris Hickman, the commander of the Central Montana Drug Task Force, said the investigation began a month ago when police received a tip from the Postal Service that Leaf was making suspicious cash-on-delivery payments in excess of $500 for packages delivered from Florida one or two times per week. Leaf, 35, is charged with possession of dangerous drugs, burglary and misdemeanor theft. “We had reason to suspect Mr. Leaf was getting some type of prescription he wasn’t being legally prescribed,” Hickman said/Christian Caple, SR. More here. (Cascade County booking photos of Ryan Leaf)

Question: Is Leaf to be pitied for his possible addiction to prescription drugs?

It’s April? No foolin’?


FROM PULLMAN — Can't believe April is already here. As an April Fool's joke, I'm not going to pay my rent today. Isn't that hilarious?

Ryan Leaf’s arrest came after month-long investigation


FROM PULLMAN — We spent part of the afternoon speaking with the authorities in Great Falls, the result of which is this story about Ryan Leaf's arrest on Friday. Leaf was arrested after a month-long investigation by the Central Montana Drug Task Force, which discovered 28 Oxycodone pills inside the pocket of a golf bag found in Leaf's vehicle, according to Great Falls Police Sgt. Chris Hickman. There are more details in the story, which is linked above.

Christian Caple can be reached at christianc@spokesman.com. Twitter: @ChristianCaple

Basketball season ends, more troubles for Leaf


FROM PULLMAN — For a Saturday in late March, there sure is a lot of WSU-related news to get to. Read on.

Ryan Leaf arrested in Great Falls


FROM PULLMAN — We put together a short story about the reported arrest of former WSU quarterback Ryan Leaf on Friday in his hometown of Great Falls, Mont., on charges of theft, burglary and possession of dangerous drugs. A police spokesman said more information about the arrest should be available Saturday. Here's a link to the original report from the Great Falls Tribune.

Ryan Leaf Writes re: 1998 Rose Bowl

To the resume of former Washington State quarterback Ryan Leaf — college football star, first round NFL draft pick, pro football bust — you can add another entry: Author. Leaf has written a book about his Washington State years, focusing on the 1997 season when he led the Cougars to their first Rose Bowl in six decades and finished third in the Heisman Trophy vote. The book is part of the maturation of the 35-year-old Leaf, whose well-documented boorish behavior in his sports prime made him a national punch line. These days Leaf is all about recovery and introspection. "People didn't know who I was off the football field," Leaf said of his younger self. "I had this giant ego of an athlete, but I was self-conscious at everything else"/AP. More here. (Moscow-Pullman Daily News photo: Dean Hare)

Question: I'm currently reading "Money Ball" by Michael Lewis. It may be the best sports book I've read, including Bernard Malamud's "The Natural"? What is the best sport book you've read?

Leaf Handles Addiction, Recovery

Ryan Leaf has set a lot of records for Washington State University. Even though the Cougars barely lost at the '97 Rose Bowl, Leaf's success as quarterback prompted him to leave WSU and become a first-round draft pick in the NFL. He bombed, was booed and benched. "For that reason, I stayed away from WSU and Cougar nation for a long time — for all the wrong reasons," he said. "What I should have done was run back to the family that always supported me. And I pushed them away, because I was embarrassed." Leaf will be the first to tell you he did not know how to focus his intensity or handle his failure to win. "But for sure, it was an embarrassing moment in my life at 21 years old," he said. "But I think a lot of people do embarrassing things when they're 21 years old. And if that's my truly embarrassing moment at 21, I'll take that one over some of the other stories I've heard/Kathy Goertzen, KATU. More here.

Question: Did you do something incredibly stupid at age 21 that you would be willing to mention?

Ryan Leaf to pen trilogy

For of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these: "It might have been!"

Those words by John Greenleaf Whittier might be the mantra for former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf as he sets down to write his autobiography in three volumes.

Sporting News is reporting that Leaf, considered one of the biggest busts in draft history after being No. 2 overall in 1998, will pen three books for Crimson Oak Publishing on his college career, pro career and his battle with painkillers. Full story.

Will you be buying Leaf's new book?

AM: Ryan Leaf Tries To Rebuild Life

Former NFL quarterback  Ryan  Leaf  works the combine on the O’Hara Ranch north of Fort Benton, Mont. Considered by many the biggest bust in the 80-year history of the NFL,  Leaf  knows all about his label, gets where he fell short, how he disappointed, when he squandered what appeared to be a surefire path to stardom. Now, in the relative calm of his Montana hometown he’s trying to mount a comeback at the age of 34, nine years after his last NFL pass. Story here. (AP Photo/Mike Albans)

SWX: Leaf Seeks To Rebuild WSU Ties

Leaf, who was also a Heisman Trophy finalist, pleaded guilty to eight felony drug charges in Amarillo, Texas. In addition to probation, he was fined $20,000. He told reporters after his sentencing that he is ready to turn a new leaf. And he wants to rebuild his relationship with Washington State. First things first: he explained why he didn’t tell anyone about his drug problem. “For years I kept a distance from the Cougar nation because I felt I let them down in my professional career. I couldn’t have been more wrong,” he said while holding back the emotion. “There’s a popular saying, ‘Once a Coug, always a Coug’. It’s really true”/Jared Frank, SWXRightNow.com. More here. (2006 AP File Photo: Leaf is shown as the quarterbacks coach for West Texas A&M University.)

  • Vince Grippi/SportsLink has a copy of Leaf’s apology from court appearance here

Question: Should Washington State welcome back its prodigal son?

HBO’s Inland Northwest — 4.14.10

Former West Texas A&M University assistant football coach and former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf, leaves the courtroom followed by his mom, Marcia Leaf, in downtown Amarillo, Texas, today. Leaf has been sentenced to 10 years of probation after pleading guilty to eight felony drug charges in Texas. Seattle Sports Blog story here. (AP Photo/ Amarillo Globe-News, Michael Norris)