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Newtown ~ one year later

We remember the news of one year ago: 20 children, six staff members in an idyllic elementary school, killed. Our lives have gone on, but those families and their community continue to struggle with the loss of innocence and the loss of precious loved ones.

They have asked for privacy today. Amazingly, the media has granted their request. But the Sandy Hook community has taken steps to honor their loved ones and allow us to support them in their journey. Their website tells the stories of some of their precious loved ones; click on some names, and you may read about the person’s life or the message may say, “Thank you for respecting our privacy.”  The site offers links to projects readers can support through financial donations.

Acts of kindness, prayers, advocacy for sensible gun laws as well as improved mental health services offer avenues of support and remembrance today. And knowing we all remain vulnerable to leaving each other too soon reminds us to tell our loved ones how much we love them – because you just never know.

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A call to end our violence

The day has been long: with horror out of Connecticut and our beloved President Obama weeping through his words. When will Americans be courageous enough to demand that we change our culture? When will we stand up and work together to change our desensitization to violence – in video games, in the media, in entertainment, in our own actions. When will we spend our hard-earned dollars to treat mental illness?

While there are no laws or healthcare practices or media guidelines that will ever insure our safety, we will fail as a nation, if we do not work to address our violent ways.  We must create a standard of decency within our society that is decent. We cannot wait; we can no longer use politics - or any other explanation - as an excuse to tolerate slaughtered children.

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