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Where to check for school closures

It has been snowing steadily all day and if this keeps up, local school districts might start shutting their doors. You will be able to find any school closures or delays announced tonight or in the morning here. I'm sure lots of students will be crossing their fingers and hoping for a snow day.

No atheists on prospective snow days

Even children who don't really mind going to school have been known to pray for snow days.

Some try to bargain with the almighty. You know, “If you will see to it that school is closed, I will endeavor to clean up my act on multiple fronts.”

Some play the entitlement card. “You owe me! I've been good lately.”

And still others seem to believe that saying “Pleeeeeeeease” with all the sincerity they can muster is the ticket to a snow day.

Of course, some of us grew up in aggressively-plowed school districts where the policy was to never declare snow days. In such places, a child's faith tended to focus on miracles such as early-morning citywide power outages or beseeching God for a sudden policy shift.

When that didn't work, one was left to grapple with some dark existential questions. And with trying to remember where you had left your snow boots.  

Are we having fun yet?

School children all over the Valley are giddy this morning. Probably everyone knows by now that just about every school district is closed today - Freeman, Central Valley, West Valley and Liberty. East Valley is on its winter break this week, so they are not racking up a snow day they'll have to make up later. Highway 195 between Spangle and Rosalia was closed for several hours this morning, but it is now open again.

The City of Spokane Valley started a full city plow this morning. Still, be careful on the roads until things get cleaned up. Don't forget there's ice under that fresh new snow.

I took the picture above in my front yard this morning after I spent an hour digging out my car and my driveway. The snow was deep, but thank goodness it was pretty light and fluffy. Now it needs to stop snowing so I don't have to do it again.

Freeman schools two hours late, Liberty closed

The hopes of students in the Freeman area for a snow day have not been answered. Freeman schools are running two hours late this morning. Preschool and skill center have been cancelled, however. The Liberty School District announced yesterday that it would also be running two hours late, but said at 6:30 a.m. this morning that classes would be cancelled instead.

As of last reports Highway 27 was still open, but everyone drive carefully out there. Some roads are downright nasty.

School closures

Some school districts are already announcing that classes will be cancelled tomorrow because of the expected frigid weather and snow. You can check online for up to date school closure information. I’m sure students in the Liberty and Freeman School Districts are hoping for a second snow day to make their Thanksgiving holiday extra long.

Bauman Explains School Closures

As a safety precaution, schools in the Coeur d’Alene School District will remain closed on Wednesday to allow another day for snow assessment and removal. All activities scheduled Tuesday and Wednesday nights are also canceled. This includes the basketball games scheduled at North Idaho College because District policy is also to curtail bus transportation when schools are not in session. “We regret that this is a disappointment to our athletes and their families, however we must consider the safety of our students and the community. The roads have become very hazardous and we do not want students on the roads because of school-sponsored events,” said Superintendent Hazel Bauman. More below.



School closures and delays

Most schools in the region are closed today due to the heavy snow, although a few are delayed. Click through to read the latest list.