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Officials crack down on “hot-or-not” online rankings of high school girls

SNOQUALMIE (AP) — The Snoqualmie Valley School District is taking a tougher stance this year on Mount Si High School boys who rank girls online in a hot-or-not contest.

It's known as 'May Madness.' It's a bracket system similar to college basketball's March Madness.

KCPQ-TV reports (http://is.gd/aaZvs4 ) that it has been going on for years on a private Facebook page that officials say was created by Mount Si High School boys.

As part of its crackdown, the school district has sent letters to the parents of certain male students who may have been invited to join or are participating in the practice.

The notice tells parents that if their son is continuing to participate after Friday, they could find themselves not participating in athletics, prom or even graduation ceremonies.

Declo 4th graders who missed reading goal got faces scribbled on with permanent marker

Fourth-graders who failed to achieve reading goals had their faces scribbled on with permanent marker by other students last week at Declo Elementary School under the supervision of their teacher, the Times-News reports today. Some parents are concerned about the effect on the targeted students, some of whom have learning problems. You can read the Times-News' full report here from reporter Laurie Welch. The teacher reportedly allowed the children to choose their own incentive to meet the reading goal of reading a certain number of books; students who fell short either would stay in at recess or have their faces written on. Six students chose to have their faces marked on and three missed recess.