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Grip on Sports: How many times can Jerry Dipoto be allowed to trade for one guy?

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Your cell phone rings. You look at the caller I.D. It is Mariners’ general manager Jerry Dipoto. If you happen to be one of the …

Grip on Sports: Gonzaga does what it needed to do in season opener – win big

A GRIP ON SPORTS • There will be bigger challenges ahead but the bottom line for Gonzaga last night in their season-opening blowout against Idaho State is it was just …

Grip on Sports: The best part of winter begins today and continues until the spring

A GRIP ON SPORTS • It gets dark outside really early. There is the occasional frost on the windshield in the morning. The dogs don’t want to get out of …

Grip on Sports: Sunday didn’t live up to expectations for Seattle’s football teams

A GRIP ON SPORTS • It was not a good Sunday for football teams in Seattle. Not good at all. Read on.

Grip on Sports: Washington State has its hands around the Pac-12 but that may be as far as it goes

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Where were we? Oh, ya, singing college football’s praises. It was another good Saturday for the local teams. Or should we use the term great …

Grip on Sports: OK, so the season hasn’t ‘officially’ started yet, but Gonzaga was on TV last night

A GRIP ON SPORTS • College basketball season isn’t officially here. But it sure seemed like it was last night. There was a game on television and everything. Read on.

Grip on Sports: We interrupt this football season to welcome in college basketball

A GRIP ON SPORTS • College football season may be in the stretch run, but that has to take a back seat this morning. There is way too much college …

Grip on Sports: Happenings in Maryland makes one wonder who is really in charge of some of our nation’s college campuses

A GRIP ON SPORTS • It is Halloween. A scary night. But we are going to tell you a scary story that has nothing to do with Halloween. It has …

Grip on Sports: Sometimes sports can be exhilarating and sometimes it can be cruel

A GRIP ON SPORTS • There isn’t a lot going on, is there? Dead time of the year and all that. Ya, right. Read on.

Grip on Sports: The Seahawks are playing better, sure, but are they a contender for the ultimate prize?

A GRIP ON SPORTS • The Seahawks, coming off a bye, played well yesterday in Detroit. They won handily over another average NFL team, the Lions. Enjoy it. Read on.

Grip on Sports: Those folks who doubted Washington State before the season – who would have done such a thing? – are now kicking themselves

A GRIP ON SPORTS • There is a long-running joke on ESPN’s PTI show that Michael Wilbon is not surprised by anything. Well, here’s something even Wilbon would be surprised …

Grip on Sports: Is Game Three still going on? Nope, this never-ending game actually ended with, surprise, a solo home run

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Where were you when Max Muncy won Game Three of the World Series with his 18th-inning, opposite field home run? I was in front of …

Grip on Sports: If you ask Pac-12 football coaches the best job to hold in the conference, Washington State isn’t No. 1 on the list

A GRIP ON SPORTS • If you’re not interested in Pac-12 football, sorry. That’s where we are headed this morning. Read on.

Grip on Sports: The pressure continues to mount on Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Want another piece of evidence times have changed (as they always do)? One of my friends used to have a toy, a blow-up, hard-rubber clown …

Grip on Sports: What’s on your TV when you have a choice?

A GRIP ON SPORTS • If you had your choice between watching a World Series game, a NFL regular-season matchup, a college football contest or an early season NBA game, …

Grip on Sports: As the college basketball season prepares to tip off, Gonzaga once again is one of the sport’s bluebloods

A GRIP ON SPORTS • College basketball polls really don’t matter, do they? It’s a sport that determines its champion through competition, not a vote. So why does it seem …

Grip on Sports: The weekend is over and an uncertain future beckons

A GRIP ON SPORTS • It’s a Monday morning after an eventful weekend. One that included a surprisingly calm Sunday following hard on the heels of a maniac Saturday. Read …

Grip on Sports: The Inland Northwest must have picked up some fans yesterday as WSU put the area’s best foot forward

A GRIP ON SPORTS • It was a long day yesterday. But it was a fun one, unless your day consisted of raking leaves and cleaning out gutters. For those …

Grip on Sports: No matter what sport you are a fan of, it was probably on a channel you could find somewhere last night

A GRIP ON SPORTS • How many televisions do you have in your house? How about computers? I’m not sure if you had every device you own on a professional …

Grip on Sports: If a bus garners this much attention, what will the show itself bring?

A GRIP ON SPORTS • We wrote about baseball yesterday. We can’t do it today as well. Instead we will write about a bus rolling into Pullman. Read on.

Grip on Sports: It’s always fun to celebrate a postseason win no matter how it happens

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Baseball suckered me in last night. Like a zombie emerging from a grave, the Dodger/Brewer game grabbed me by the ankle and held on for …

Grip on Sports: Goodbyes are difficult no matter the circumstances

A GRIP ON SPORTS • It was a day of transition yesterday in the Northwest, with a couple of longtime sports icons exiting the stage. Read on.

Grip on Sports: The Seahawks dominated but tougher weeks are ahead following their bye

A GRIP ON SPORTS • There is this school of thought that proposes the NFL is a week-to-week league. Each game is its own mini-season, with anything possible. Take that …

Grip on Sports: Cougar fans more than happy to open this present a couple months early

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Christmas in October? Seemed like it last night if you were on social media, following Washington State football fans. Their long wait was over, Santa …

Grip on Sports: It’s time to head home if only to be able to watch sports at a reasonable hour

A GRIP ON SPORTS • If you’ve been paying attention the past week, you would know the Grippi family has been on vacation on the East Coast. It’s the first …

Grip on Sports: The remote has earned a bye this Saturday and it will probably get one

A GRIP ON SPORTS • There are not a lot of high-profile college football games tomorrow. So which games are you most excited to watch? Read on.

Grip on Sports: The Pac-12 suffers another officiating black eye, and this one it caused itself

A GRIP ON SPORTS • The Pac-12 has a football officiating problem. It’s not just one of perception, but a true officiating problem. And the cracks are beginning to show. …

Grip on Sports: The college basketball season can’t start fast enough for some but is too early for others

A GRIP ON SPORTS • College basketball games are right around the corner. Seems awful early, doesn’t it? Not anymore it doesn’t. Read on.

Grip on Sports: When replay reviews overshadow the game results, no one should be excited

A GRIP ON SPORTS • There was some baseball to watch last night, including three teams with as much pedigree in the major leagues. But the biggest star? Replay. Read …

Grip on Sports: The Seahawks don’t win, but the rest of the weekend is OK

A GRIP ON SPORTS • When you are in a tourist location, it is important to visit the sites. All the sites. Read on.