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Got siblings?

Sibs may influence your marriage?!

A new report reveals that the more siblings one has (up to seven) the more likely your marriage will last.

All that negotiating for the bathroom and compromising and getting along with different personalities may actually be good preparation for a lifetime of marital bliss.

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Just wondering — are brothers a plus?

Are women who grew up with brothers better prepared to deal with the horrors of stereotypically male dining and housekeeping traits, not to mention humor stylings?


High Noon: Sibling Collaboration

AK-47s. Bodies falling out of moving vehicles. Biker bars. These generally don’t come to mind when most folks think of family home movies. But these things do occur to Spokane siblings David Ball and Donna Larsen. For them, these are staples in the movies they’ve been filming together for 11 years. On Jan. 7, they premiered their newest film, plus two others at the Garland Theatre. Although they’ve shown their home movies at smaller venues, this was their big screen premiere. “We’re so excited!” Larsen said/Cindy Hval, SR. More here. (Jesse Tinsley SR photo: Siblings David Ball and Donna Larsen at Garland Theatre Jan. 5)

Also by Cindy:

Question: Have you ever worked on a creative, collaborative project with one of your siblings? How did it turn out?

Losing our siblings

More than a decade ago, I reached the age where my peers started losing their parents. When the parental deaths started happening it seemed like a major watershed. Indeed, we were all getting older. Now, most of my friends in their 50s have lost parents, usually both. This weekend at dinner with friends, we talked about siblings because one friend lost his 69 year-old brother to cancer a few weeks ago. The conversation reminded me of several other sibling deaths among friends in the past year or so. Not a lot but enough to make me realize my peers and I are entering this new phase. The sibling loss phase.

We are Family

The Smith Sisters

Studies suggest that brothers and sisters who stay connected have healthier lives” http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2009/jul/26/the-power-of-siblings/

I only see my siblings a few times a year. However, my husband and his siblings are very close and we see them a couple times a month. Our children are all close in age, and the cousins have formed tight bonds.

Were you close to your siblings growing up? Are you still close?