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Do you know what this is about?


Hint: One of those names belonged to a guy who once lived in Spokane.

Just wondering

How many people have enjoyed seeing the "Like us on Facebook" sign outside a strip club in Spokane Valley?

Mystery solved

In a window of the building on the west side of South Wall across from the Europa restaurant, there is a handmade sign.

Two signs, actually. But one at a time.

Sometimes it's "YES."

Sometimes it's "NO."

So what's the deal?

Something to do with romance? Espionage?

Sadly, the real explanation is a bit more mundane.

Turns out the signs are a signal to the UPS driver about whether there is something to pick up.

Today’s strategy for wasting time at work

Do a Google image search on…vintage bowling alley signs

There's some great stuff.


Former SR editor opens beverage mart


OK, not really

But as the gentleman in question is known by an astonishing number of people around here, I will simply assume that you know who I am talking about.

Actually, I'm hoping he'll come work for me at one of my new upscale bistros — a quartet of convenient Spokane area locations to serve you.





Spokane collectibles

There are still a few "Don't Move Jefferson!" signs being displayed on the South Hill.

I assume the families in question intend to keep them up until the next Ice Age. That's their right, of course.

But what about these signs' potential as Spokane collectibles? Wouldn't you want to get them in out of the weather?

A friend of mine has a Tom Foley lawn sign that I'm sure would fetch a buck or two at a yard sale. Maybe in 20 years or so, the "Don't Move Jefferson!" sign would have similar appeal.

Maybe not, though. Foley was the Speaker from Spokane.

"Don't Move Jefferson!" was, well, there are two schools of thought on that.

Get me rewrite!

Someone has been taking liberties with pet-control signage at Corbin Park on Spokane's North Side.


Photos courtesy of John Blanchette 

Inland Northwest Signs Department


The Corner Club in Moscow.

Even some who hate us are quite loyal

I wonder who has gone the most years without missing a day of the S-R. 


How many remember this sign?


courtesy of the Spokane Valley Heritage Museum

Did the designers of this sign think that motorists coming from Idaho needed to be reminded that they were not entering Washington, D.C.?

And "The Valley That Has Everything"? As hyperbole goes, that seems a tad bland. 

Battle of the gas station signs/logos

Which do you like better?



Or This.




Or this.




Or this.




Or this.


Reading Signs @ Spokane Tea Party

Jonathan Brunt/SR Spin Control read the following signs Thursday at the Spokane Tea Party, featuring guest speaker Butch Otter (More here):

  • Armed and dangerous, with my vote
  • Oppose Obamunism
  • Liberty or Death
  • Fox News for the truth
  • Thanks to Obama: No jobs, TARP, bad economy, big spending, debt and default on future generations, government healthcare – killing seniors, big taxes on everyone
  • Get the UN out of Spokane
  • Stimulus: Audacity of dopes
  • End the Fed
  • Socialists, spreading the wealth! Since 1917 (with pictures of Obama with Mao, Stalin, Lenin and Marx)
  • I am not a wacko

Question: If you had carried a sign at the Spokane Tea Party, what would it have said?