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Mapping the vote: Spokane County treasurer’s race

Republican challenger Rob Chase holds a narrow lead over Democratic County Treasurer Skip Chilberg in the vote counting. But an analysis of the vote shows that Chilberg ran strongest in the city of Spokane, while Chase built his margins in the Valley and unincorporated areas.

Bozo tops Jesus in county treasurer’s race

It may be the upset of the year.

In the race for Spokane County Treasurer, Bozo garnered more support than Jesus.

Bozo – presumably Bozo the Clown – had three write-in votes, to Jesus’ two.

Bozo and Jesus were just two of nearly 1,500 different people or other creatures, real and fictional, who received votes in the treasurer’s race in the August primary. Most of write-in candidates got just one vote each.

Election observers discourage people from writing in candidates unless they seriously want that person to serve in that office. That’s because in some races, write-ins can cause significant extra work and headaches when tallying the vote.

The elections office keeps an eye on all races to make sure it catches any write-ins that receive 1 percent of the vote. Officials kept a tally this year for each write-in vote for treasurer because Republican Rob Chase filed officially to run as a write-in candidate. He won 1,500 votes – more than the 1 percent required for him to advance to the general election ballot. He is challenging incumbent Democrat Skip Chilberg.

After Chilberg and Chase, the next popular write-in choice was “None” with 70 votes.

(Next time, remember: If you want to vote for none of the candidates in a particular race all you have to do is leave the ovals blank for that office. There is no need to write-in “None” or other write-in choices made this year for treasurer, including “None of the Above,” “No One,” or ”Mr. Nobody.”)

The next popular selections were: “Anyone else” with 54 votes, “Mickey Mouse” with 50 votes, “Other” with 32 votes, “Any Republican” with 37, “Republican” with 26 votes, Ralph Baker” (apparently the current county ASSESSOR) with 25 votes and “John Doe” with 23.

To see the full list of write-ins for county treasurer click here.

Treasurer write-in candidate likely will earn place on ballot

Looks like Spokane County Treasurer Skip Chilberg may end up with a challenger in the general election after all.

Real estate agent Rob Chase, who ran for Congress as a Libertarian in 2002, had 1.21 percent of the vote as a write-in candidate for treasurer after Tuesday’s ballot count. If he holds on to at least 1 percent, his name will appear on the November ballot.

Chase is running as a Republican.

Chase enters treasurer’s race as write-in

Rob Chase, a Libertarian turned Republican party activist, is running for Spokane County treasurer as a write-in candidate.

Chase said Tuesday he is entering the race against incumbent Skip Chilberg, a Democrat, because the job is too important to go uncontested. He describes himself as a “Realtor, local talk show host and champion of open and  honest government.”

Chase is no stranger to campaigns, although his previous ones have been more conventional runs in which he filed before the candidate deadline. He unsuccessfully ran for the state Senate in 2000 and the U.S. House of Representatives in 2002, both times as a Libertarian. In 2008, he supported another sometime Libertarian, Ron Paul, in the Texas Congressman’s run for the Republican presidential nomination. He’s now a 4th Legislative District leader for the Spokane County Republican Party.

Voters will have to fill in an oval and write his name in the space on the ballot for the treasurer’s position. If he gets at least 1 percent of the votes cast, his name will appear on the Nov. 2 general election ballot along with Chilberg.