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Update: Sketchy Andy lives long enough to perform with Madonna

SLACKLINING — Andy Lewis, who thrilled and chilled viewers at the 2011 Banff Mountain Film Festival, shared his slacklining genius in a flawless performance on stage with Madonna in Sunday's Super Bowl halftime show.

The video above shows the death-defying balance of the daredevil who caught the eye of Super Bowl talent scouts. 

See his part in Sunday's Super Bowl halftime show here.

See today's interview in the New York Times here.

The movie that coined him as "Sketchy Andy" caught the eye of REEL ROCK and Banff Film Fest judges last year — as Andy's friends verbalized their fear that he may someday — soon —  find the end of his rope.

But not before he performed before millions with the Material Girl.

Click here to see the interview ABC landed with the California native on Monday.