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Slug eater update

Readers of the print Slice column might remember an item a couple of weeks ago about a slug-hunting feline named Genevieve.

The gooey story was told by a high school girl named Allyson, who is the little sister of the cat's owner.

Well, the other day at a grocery store, I found myself talking with Allyson's big sister. She reported that she will be starting at Western Washington University in the fall. But in case any South Hill slugs think they will soon have it made in the shade, let me pass along a word of caution.

Genevieve will be staying in Spokane.

Spokane slugs dissed

“Having lived in Southwest Washington for 23 years, these slugs are nothing,” wrote Mary S. Nelson, who works for the American Red Cross Inland Northwest Chapter.

She remembers one slug-eradication tactic that was particularly effective. “Ducks,” she said. “They love slugs.”

Of course, then you had to clean up the ducks. And it's worth remembering that ducks create their own messes.

“Sometimes you just can't win,” said Nelson.

A Northwest Strawberry Festival

She spied in her garden,
so green and so merry,
the happy slugs munching
a sweet, red, ripe, berry.

The Bard of Sherman Avenue

Marmie: Slug Guts Flying Everywhere

Marmitetoasty: When all me lads were little they all had a go at eating slugs, you see, when I was married I use to own with my tosser X a small plant nursery, so the lads would just come with us to work, even from babies they would sit amongst the plants whilst we worked…. so they all had a go at munching insects … until … We taught them that slugs were our biggest enermy … and as they got bigger they were shown that if you see a slug and you stand by the side of it and then stamp with all your weight half way down the body of a slug … the guts and insides would shoot out at great speed and the skin would be left intact on the ground — I remember them gathering the slugs and lining them up opposite each other and playing WAR against each other … slugs guts flying everywhere :)

Question: Have you ever eaten a bug, slug, worm … or anything else along these lines?