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Smart Bombs: ‘Lucky Duckies’ Lazy?

In his Smart Bombs column, Gary Crooks of the SR Editorial Board, tells of the dilemma that many hard-working Americans fund themselves in as the collateral damage from the Great Recession continues:

So, you’ve cobbled together unemployment benefits, help from family, food stamps and other assistance to keep your household afloat in the dim hope that a thoughtful employer might throw you a lifeline. Then last week, you learned that presidential candidate Mitt Romney grouped you with all Americans who pay no income tax, and he assigned your motives to malingering and mooching. This, by his definition, made you an automatic vote for President Barack Obama. He wasn’t feeling sorry for you; he was feeling sorry for himself. How can he win you over with an income tax break when you’re not paying that tax at this time? To put it in the terms of an obnoxious Wall Street Journal editorial, this makes you one of the “lucky duckies.”

Question: Which presidential candidate — if either from the major parties — is more likely to feel your pain?

Crooks: A-Roid’s Wild Pitch

To recap, when Alex Rodriguez was in Seattle, he’d never even heard of players using steroids. But when he got to Texas, he was immediately embroiled in a “loosey-goosey era.” Wow, that has to be the quickest entrance for any era in history. One day, he’s completely clueless, the next he’s caught up in a culture where seemingly everyone is getting an unmarked stimulus package. Tough break. If only Seattle had media outlets back then, so Rodriguez could keep up with the latest news/Gary Crooks, SR Smart Bombs. More here.

Question: What do you think of Alex Rodriguez’s attempt to squirm out of his steroid scandal? In other words, are you buying anything he says?