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A few other warning signs…

Good morning, Netizens…

If you thought to yourselves that the picture might possibly be a bit over the edge, you know for a fact your cat(s) are sneaking up on you when any of the following takes place:

1. You receive an e-mail message from UR.CAT informing you, among other things, that the cat food sucks, the kitty litter needs changing and the couch or sofa is no longer off-limits to cats.

2. You inadvertently intercept a bill (which was paid online using your credit cards) for a new deluxe cat tree and a set of designer cat toys. Suddenly your cat is looking rather smug.

3. If you cats are not fixed or neutered (shame on you) be alert for signs your cat is spending an inordinate amount of time on online dating services for cats, even the X-rated kind.

4. Ever heard of http://www.stepsforpets.com/?gclid=CMPSmu614p0CFSZdagodqShVNQ before? The cats know about it and are shopping early for Christmas. 

You have been warned.