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The Ten Best Licensed Games of the Eighth Console Generation

Licensed video games have garnered a universally low quality standard; their rushed development cycles to meet narrow release windows result, more often than not, in products that are middling at best. An argument could be made that this trend changed at some point during the last generation of consoles. Though a multitude of mediocre licensed games were released on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii, the eighth console generation brought with it a batch of truly great licensed video games that signal hope for a niche that was previously lacking in the area. Here are, in my humble opinion, the ten best licensed video games to grace the eighth console generation.



Often confused

A subscriber to the S-R's print edition was fooling around with her smart phone and typed in "spokesman."

The program she was using asked her if she meant "spiderman."


Looking ahead to an editor’s dilemma

How much do you cover normal winter weather?