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SR Blogs: Vandals Love Yard Signs

Nampa trick-or-treaters dressed as famous paintings — Ty Sherman, 10, as "The Scream," Kaesha Jackson, 10, as the "Mona Lisa," and Sam Sherman, 7, as "American Gothic" — pose for a photo at this year's Boo at the Zoo Boise in Boise on Saturday. Gov. Butch Otter and the First Lady will be hosting trick-or-treat event at the Capitol Wednesday. See Eye on Boise below. (AP Photo/The Idaho Statesman, Darin Oswald)

Vandals Love Yard Signs: Wednesday is Halloween. While it is mostly a holiday devoted to raising the blood sugar levels of small children, it is also a time when older youths wander around looking for trouble to get into. Among the easiest targets for such mischief are campaign yard signs. Mustaches and devils horns get spray-painted onto candidate faces, obscenities get scrawled on issue signs and some just flat disappear, never to be seen again/Jim Camden, SR Spin Control. More here.

Compromise bill would require license plates on OHVs

OFF-ROADING — It's no secret that off-road vehicle riders run rampant in some areas of national forests and other public lands that are closed to motorized traffic.  But even if you catch them in the act, little can be done to report the offenses because ATVs and off-road dirt bikes don't need licence plates necessary for ID.

A compromise bill is in the works in the Washington Legislature that would help open more roads for OHV riding  while getting a licensing requirement promoted by environmentalists. Many OHVers support the licensing portion of the bill to help deal with the bad apples in their ranks.

See Olympia reporter Jim Camden's Spin Control column for the details.

City Council’s response to water rates

By now, I hope you've seen the story how most Spokane users paid less on their water bills this summer. It puts the controversy in perspective doesn't it? Tis the campaign season, after all, and people buy into misinformation since fear sells.


But the facts remain.

Spokane's utility billing department said 53 percent of bills were less than they would have been under the 2010 rate structure.

The reason some folks were upset:

- 37 percent paid up to $50 more during the two-month cycle.
- 7 percent paid between $50 and $100 more during the two-month cycle.
- 3 percent paid more than $100 more during the two-month cycle.

 So if you're the Hank Hill of watering your lawns, then you noticed an increased rate. After the jump is the more detailed response from City Council and for more data click HERE.