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  • 2015 Council Election

    This is a detailed map of the vote margins in each precinct in the Spokane city council elections, showing the winning margins for conservative or progressive candidates as of Wednesday …

  • Proposed Spokane City Council letter to Mike Fagan on vaccines

    The Spokane City Council is planning to vote on Thursday, February 12, 2015 to decide if it sends this letter to one of its members, Mike Fagan. Some council members …

  • French public records request

    A copy of the public records request prepared for Spokane County Commissioner Al French and submitted to the City of Spokane.

  • Letter to Rockwood from Stuckart, Snyder and Waldref

    Spokane City Council members Jon Snyder, Ben Stuckart and Amber Waldref sent this letter to Deaconess Hospital interim CEO Rod Schumacher and Valley Hospital CEO Tim Moran on November 26, …

  • Response from Rockwood

    Deaconess and Valley hospital officials sent this letter on Dec. 16, 2013 in response to a letter they received from Spokane City Council members Jon Snyder, Ben Stuckart and Amber …

  • Margin of victory in Council District 2

    This is a PDF version of a map of the margins of victory in each precinct for the Spokane City Council Position 2 race in 2013. It replaces 5871, which …

  • Margins of victory, Council District 2

    This PDF file shows the margins of victory for candidates in Spokane’s Council District 2 race in the November 2013 election.

  • Bikini barista ordinance

    A proposed ordinance would create a new charge of unlawful public exposure in the City of Spokane. The ordinance is targeted at “bikini barista” drive-through espresso stands. The document includes …

  • City Legal Department analysis

    This is the City Legal Department analysis of possible challenges to two proposed ballot measures for the 2013 ballot.

  • Lawrence Stone’s proposal for Anthony’s

    Lawrence Stone, who owns Spokane-based silo and steel stud manufacturer Scafco offered the city $3.6 million in his proposal to buy Anthony’s restaurant. Anthony’s is located along Spokane Falls in …

  • Mad Anthony’s proposal for Anthony’s

    Mad Anthony’s the company that owns a chain of seafood resident including Anthony’s at Spokane Falls offered $3.9 million in its proposal to buy the building Anthony’s currently leases from …

  • Zehm settlement

    The Spokane City Council on Monday, May 21, 2012, voted 7-0 in favor of this settlement with the family and estate of Otto Zehm.

  • Marijuana Initiative from Sensible Spokane

    One of two initiatives filed this year with the City of Spokane’s Clerk’s Office that would require the city to make the enforcement of marijuana law the city’s lowest law …

  • Marijuana Initiative from Sensible Washington

    One of two Initiatives recently submitted to the City of Spokane’s Clerk’s Office proposing to make marijuana laws the city’s lowest law enforcement priority.

  • Marriage Equality Resolution

    Spokane City Councilman Jon Snyder has proposed this resolution in support of the same sex marriage law approved earlier this year.

  • Thoma proposes new settlement

    Former Spokane Police Sgt. Brad Thoma’s attorney proposed this new settlement just before the City Council rejected a different plan that would have given Thoma a detective position, $275,000 in …

  • Thoma settlement

    This proposed settlement would have allowed fired Spokane Police Sgt. Brad Thoma to return to work in the demoted position of detective. It was unanimously reject by the Spokane City …

  • Police reform resolution

    A package of police reforms that will be considered as a resolution at the Spokane City Council meeting on Feb. 6.

  • Center for Justice candidate responses

    Responses received from candidates running for Spokane City Council and mayor to the Center for Justice’s request to sign a pledge promising to oppose any Spokane Police Guild labor contract …

  • Spokane Summer Water Bills 2011

    Breakdown of two-month water bills received by Spokane water customers in September and August. Chart shows that 53 percent of Spokane water customers paid less under the new water rate …

  • Center for Justice memo on arbitor’s ombudsman decision

    Memo from Center for Justice about arbitrator’s decision ruling that the city violated bargaining rules by approving a law giving the police ombudsman investigative powers.

  • East Side Library meeting announcement

    The Neighborhoods Matter Council is asking concerned patrons to attend Monday’s Spokane City Council meeting, where the possible closure of the East Side Library is to be discussed.

  • How it works: Children’s Investment Fund

    A fact sheet prepared by the Children’s Investment Fund on how money would be distributed under the program, which Spokane voters will see on the November 2010 ballot.

  • Breann Beggs response to Rocco Treppiedi

    June 25, 2010, letter from attorney Breann Beggs to city of Spokane attorney Rocco Treppiedi regarding Treppiedi’s order to Beggs to stop communicating with City Council members regarding the city’s …

  • Breann Beggs letter to Mike Piccolo

    A letter from Breann Beggs, attorney for the estate of Otto Zehm, to Mike Piccolo, assigned attorney for City Council members. The letter is in response to an order from …

  • Police ombudsman ordinance (June 21 version)

    Ordinance on the investigatory powers of the Office of the Police Ombudsman, introduced to the June 21, 2010, Spokane City Council agenda. This version amends a previous proposal held over …

  • YMCA proposal from Childress

    In one of three proposals for private redevelopment of the YMCA site in Riverfront Park, a graphic arts designer and former museum employee wants to see the facility used to …

  • YMCA best use study

    October 2009 Study by Lembeck Appraisal and Consulting on “Highest and Best Use” of the former YMCA building in Riverfront Park.

  • City increased pay authorization for Carl Oreskovich

    May 14, 2009, Spokane City Council resolution authorizing an increase in money set aside to pay attorney Carl Oreskovich for his representation in the lawsuit filed by the family of …

  • City payment authorization for Carl Oreskovich

    Oct. 20, 2008, Spokane City Council resolution on using attorney Carl Oreskovich as special counsel in the civil lawsuit brought by the family of Otto Zehm.



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