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Did you ever work as a carny?

Do you know anyone who did?

Have you ever seen that listed on a resume?

Ever eaten a caramel apple while wearing a mohair sweater?

County looking to fill about 200 jobs for this year’s Interstate Fair

Spokane County will host two job fairs in July to hire more than 200 temporary workers for the next Spokane County Interstate Fair.

Applicants must come in person to either the July 18 session, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., or the session July 21 from 8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. Both sessions are at the Fair and Expo Center, Havana and Broadway.

Jobs being filled include clerks, ticket takers, maintenance crews, janitors and barn and livestock clerks. All jobs pay $9.04, the minimum wage, according to a county spokesperson.

Applicants need to bring two sources of government-provided identification, the county’s press release noted, such as driver's license or Social Security card.

The fair runs Sept. 7-16. More fair details are on Facebook.

For more information, contact the Fair and Expo Center office at (509) 477-1766.

Dogs and the Fair don’t mix

You might think people would realize that they shouldn't stop by the Spokane Interstate Fair in this heat and leave their dogs locked in the car, but you would be wrong. Apparently the Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service found two dogs locked in a car at the Fair that was 144 degrees inside on Sunday. The SCRAPS officer was just about ready to remove the dogs from the car when the owners came back and said that they had only been gone for an hour.

If that seems okay to you, go do an experiment. Find a nice, hot parking lot. Turn off the car and close the windows. Sit there. You will soon realize that it only takes a few minutes for it to become unbearable.

In this case the dogs survived and their owners were cited for confinement in an unsafe manner. But in these hot temperatures pets can quickly die in overheated cars, even if you crack the windows a bit. Please take care of your pets.