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TV catches fish footage at Spokane Hatchery

FISHING — KHQ-TV paid a visit to the Spokane Fish Hatchery this week to produce this segment on winter operations that are vital to the region's anglers.

The cameraman was a bit late for the peak December spawning action described in this story by North Central High School student volunteer.

Here's a story about the "egg sucking" that goes into removing the dead eggs from the trays, as hatchery manager Ace Trump mentions in the TV video.

Group tours offered at Spokane Fish Hatchery

FISHERIES — This is a good time of year to see how trout are produced in Spokane for the updoming fishing season:

It's before the fair-weather rush of school groups and prime time to see fish in all stages, including the egg stage.

The Spokane Fish Hatchery is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. seven days a week year-round for self-guided observation of fish and fish-rearing activity.

While Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife hatchery workers do not have time to show visitors around, trained volunteers can be scheduled to give guided tours for groups of 15 or more.

  • To schedule a tour, call  (509) 892-1001.
  • To volunteer to be trained to help with tours or to donate to the hatchery tour program, contact Mike Coyle, (509) 220-3004.

Sportsmen donate netting to protect hatchery fish

FISHING — Spokane Fish Hatchery manager Ace Trump says $2,800 worth of new fish pond protective netting will be installed Tuesday to prevent herons, gulls, raccoons and other critters from taking a toll on the fish being raised for stocking in the region's lakes.

Money for the netting was donated by the Inland Empire Chapter of Safari Club International — a nice boost to a popular program provided by the cash-strapped Washington Fish and Wildlife Department.  

Several years ago, SCI also came to the rescue to fund and lead fish hatchery tours popular with many groups and schools in the Spokane region.