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It doesn’t matter who they are playing

Usually, in sports, it's a big deal.

But in the case of Spokane Indians baseball, it's not.

When overhearing people discuss the possibility of attending an Indians game, have you ever heard anyone ask “Who are they playing?”

Why would anyone ask when the answer doesn't matter?

Maybe that's a good thing. You know, that it's the game that is the attraction, not the individuals playing it.

But can you think of another sports context in which nobody cares about the identity of the opponent?

True or false

This is an old photo of singer Daryl Hall and former Spokane Indians infielder Davey Lopes.


1960 Spokane Indians

Yes, the famous Indians teams would arrive about 10 years later. But look at all the future big league players here.


He was a manager of the Spokane Indians

Before that, Roy was a major league player. And after being here, he was the first manager of the expansion Blue Jays. 


A former manager of Spokane Indians


Ozark managed the Indians in 1963 and 1964.

Thanks to Newport's Dorothy Bernard for bringing this to my attention. 

Former Spokane Indian now MLB all-star


He played for Spokane way back in 1996.

How many former Spokane Indians…

…have been on the cover of Sports Illustrated?

This is Ron Fairly. Steve Garvey would make two, but surely there are more.


Don’t think “The Rifleman” played here

Which makes him something of a rarity among those who wore that uniform even briefly.


Spokane baseball in a different century


There are a couple of interesting things about the graphic art on this 1980 program.

The old-style Cleveland Indians-esque depiction of the native American isn't something current Spokane Indians management would consider using for two seconds.

And you know how contemporary advertising tends to present a hyperdiverse cross-section of the population? Well, check out the crowd on the cover of that program. All white. (Well, OK, there is a dog, too.) You just wouldn't see that today.

Parting Shot: Take me out to the ball game

Spokane Indians pitcher #30 David Perez comes to the plate with a pitch in the first inning against Eugene at Avista Stadium Monday July 18, 2011. Perez once again had a rough start and did not last through the first inning as Eugene jumped out an early 4-0 lead. Story here.

When is the last time you watched a game at a ballpark?