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Daily News: We Should Nullify Snow

Let's get this said right off: We are against snow in mid-May in Moscow. We also are against snow in Pullman mid-June, which we have witnessed. We don't like it. It is not the depth or the duration of Monday morning's snowfall that upsets us, it is its dreary existence. We think the local attitude of acceptance about this has to change. If the Idaho Legislature can try to nullify a whole federal health care reform package, certainly it can nullify snow in Moscow in mid-May, or June. It's time for mayors Nancy Chaney and Glenn Johnson to step up and proclaim May a no-snow month. June, too. What are they waiting for?/Lee Rozen, Moscow-Pullman Daily News. More here.

Question: What do you make of editorialist Lee Rozen's point that Idahoans should simply follow the Legislature's lead on federal health care and simply nullify snow & this lousy spring weather?

Next, Please

Snow in the night
rain in the day;
tired of April
ready for May.

The Bard of Sherman Avenue

It did WHAT?

Good morning, Netizens…

Did you have fun in this morning’s little renewal of winter? Well, if you thought this morning’s snow storm was truly odd, guess again. Because I remembered a Spring day about ten years ago, I went and looked it up in my inexhaustible daily duty file, which gets written each day, including today. Here are a few comments excerpted from that document from ten years ago:

April 12, 1999

I woke up this morning to watching it snow outside as if there were no end to winter in sight after several attempts at behaving like Springtime. At dawn there was already 4 inches of newly-fallen snow on the ground, and by 8:30 when I headed to my first appointment of the day on the South Hill, the storm was all but over, although the skies were still leaden and angry gray and the temperature was hovering right at 33 degrees.

Mother Nature, adorned in her near-Christmas finery, however, did not stick around through the forenoon, because by 11:30 the sun was shining and the snow was receding faster than you could say the word meltdown three times. When I met with a client for lunch on the North Side, there was not a shred of the morning snow left to be found anywhere, even on the shady sides of things

However, as if to atone for its morning excesses, Mother Nature let her hair down and beamed upon the budding trees and crocus buds creeping their green heads from beneath the soil, as the temperature soared to 55 degrees with clear skies. The robins and larks once more sang at the top of their lungs from atop the fir tree across the street and suddenly Spring came strolling down the avenue, bestowing her blessings upon us all.

It was as if this morning never happened. No sir. Spring is here, and it never snows in Spokane in the spring.