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Lahr, Ward No Longer Partners

Ron Lahr confirmed Tuesday that he and Jeff Ward are no longer partners in the political consulting firm called Strategery. “To deal with the attacks of perceived conflicts of interest between Strategery and the Reagan Republican group,” Lahr said, “I am buying Jeff out and changing the name to Umbrella Consulting.” Over the past few years, Lahr said people have been criticizing Lahr and Ward for the close association between the Reagan Republicans, which is a political club, and Strategery, which managed campaigns for many of the candidates that are endorsed, and sometimes recruited, by the Reagan Republicans/Jeff Selle, Coeur d'Alene Press. More here.

Question: Does this put pressure on Balance North Idaho and the Range PR firm, which has similar overlap, to follow suit?


Lahr Keeps Tabs On Reagan Repubs

We've been discussing the Kootenai County Reagan Republicans and The Strategery Group this week. Ron Lahr (above) is president of both entities. Reagan Republicans actively promote political candidates in partisan and nonpartisan races. Strategery is Lahr's public relations wing, which has provided material and strategy for candidates ranging from school board to the Idaho Legislature. 8 candidates, 5 of whom were successful, paid Strategery a combined $86,000 for its work in the local GOPrimary in May. The photo above by the Phantom Photographer shows Lahr at a Reagan Republican meeting at the Fedora several months ago.

Question: Why do you think Ron is frowning?

Strategery Handles Govt Change PR

In response to a comment by Ron Burgundy this morning, Ron Lahr confirmed that his Strategery company is handling public relations to pass the proposed Kootenai County government change measure on the November ballot. Ron, who is president of The Strategery Group as well as the county Reagan Republicans, commented: “The Strategery Group has been hired by Streamline Kootenai County. The Reagan Republicans board has not discussed the ballot measure although there are board members who both support it and oppose it.” Huckleberries has asked for more information about Streamline Kootenai County, which Ron describes as “The group organized to pass the ballot measure proposed by the county commissioners.” Huckleberries wants to know whether Streamline Kootenai County is privately or publicly funded — and who are the principals behind the group. (ESPN-AM 1080 photo of Strategery/Reagan Republican prez Ron Lahr after a recent show)

Question: Do you think the Reagan Republicans will be on-board with this attempt to change Kootenai County government?

RR Endorsees Spend Big w/Strategery

This slick flyer will be circulating soon with Reagan Republican endorsements in the general election in November. I totally disagree with their support of Tom Luna's wrecking-ball “reforms” for Idaho education. Ditto re: North Idaho College endorsements. It'll be interesting to see how much the NIC trustee wannabes spend with Ron Lahr's Strategery this fall.

Candidates endorsed by the Kootenai County Reagan Republicans in contested Republican primaries in Kootenai County last spring spent almost $86,000 for campaign support with Strategery, a public relations firm that lists Reagan Republican principals Ron Lahr as president and Jeff Ward as general consultant (click here). This, according to 7-day pre-election and 30-day post-election campaign finance reports. Candidates in the four contested GOP races for Kootenai County elected office spent $42,509 with Strategery, with incumbent Commissioner Dan Green at the head of the list with expenditures with Lahr's company totaling $18,995. About half of the expenditures were made after the required 7-day pre-election financial report. In the 5 contested legislative races in Districts 2-3, Reagan Republican endorsees spent $43,375 with Lahr's Strategery, including $19,871 reported after the 7-day pre-election period. The only endorsee who didn't spend anything with Strategery in the primary was state Sen. Steve Vick. 3 of the 8 Reagan Republican endorsees failed to win their primaries: Keith Hutcheson (sheriff), Jeff Tyler (House District 3) and Mark Fisher (House District 2). You can see Reagan Republican endorsements for the general election here. You can see how much each Reagan Republican endorsee spent with Strategery in the 2012 GOP primary below:

GOP county primaries:

  • Sheriff — Keith Hutcheson ($10,443)
  • Prosecutor — Barry McHugh ($9650)
  • Commissioner — Dan Green ($18995)
  • Commissioner — Todd Tonde ($3421)

GOP legislative primaries

  • House District 2 — Ed Morse ($12,164) and Mark Fisher ($12625)
  • House District 3 — Jeff Tyler ($10273) and Frank Henderson ($8313)


Spencer Letter Attacks Jeff Ward

Jeff Ward, of the Reagan Republicans and the for-profit Strategery Political Consulting company is yet again trying to undermine the Republican Party. As a former member of the Board of Directors of the Reagan Republicans, I feel compelled to explain the direction the RR’s are going and why I, along with most of the other conservative former board members and VPs including Rep Bob Nonini, Steve Adams and Jack Schroeder, have resigned our positions. When they were formed, the RRs were a fairly conservative group. After several attempts to purge conservatives from the board and watering down the endorsement criteria from a unanimous board vote to just two/thirds of the board members who can attend the meeting, the RRs are poised to endorse a slate of moderate and liberal Republicans this spring. Most of the candidates hoping to be endorsed by the RRs have also reportedly hired Strategery at a cost of $5,000 each/Larry Spencer, letter to the editor/Coeur d'Alene Press. More here.

Question: What's going on here?