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The case for studded tires…

…is not strengthened by the sound of drivers roaring around on them on April 13th.

The case for studded tires…

…is not helped by the motorists who have yet to remove them.

That grinding sound drowns out all in-favor arguments. 

Two questions

Are you even remotely interested in opinions on the Spokane mayoral race held by those who do not reside in the city of Spokane?

Do you find that people who bought SUVs for safety reasons sound a little funny telling others they should not have studded tires?  

Calendar says winter’s over, regardless of how it feels…

It may seem awfully wintry for late April, but ITD is sticking to the calendar - studded snow tires must be removed in Idaho before this Sunday, May 1. Violations can bring an infraction fine of $62. Idaho allows studded tires only from Oct. 1 through April 30 each year, and unlike Oregon and Washington, which both extended their deadlines for removing studded tires this year because of the lingering winter driving conditions, Idaho's sticking to the plan.

Utah allows studded tires only through March 31; Nevada through April 30; and Montana through May 31. Wyoming? They're legal there all year round.

Washington Bill Would Ban Studs

Item: Lawmaker seeks studded-tire ban/Richard Roesler, SR

Peter Geissinger, a mechanic with Perfection Tire and Auto Repair at 604 E 2nd Ave., prepares to bag up a customer’s snow tires.
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To state Sen. Chris Marr, it’s a simple cost-benefit analysis. The cost: an estimated $18.2 million a year in state road damage from metal tire studs hammering away at pavement. The benefit: better traction only during a relatively rare driving condition: a roadway slick with sheet ice. Washington drivers, according to the state Department of Transportation, encounter those conditions only about 1 percent of the time. With Washington facing a $500 million transportation budget shortfall, Marr, D-Spokane, thinks it’s time to ban studs.


Question: Would you support bills to outlaw studded snow tires in Washington and Idaho? Or would you prefer that those who ran studs paid an extra fee to pay for road repair. Or would you prefer that legislators leave things alone?