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CPD Blue Eye Cameras For Waterfront

Item: Big brother may be watching: Cd’A police consider camera for Independence Point surveillance/David Cole, Coeur d’Alene Press

More Info: Coeur d’Alene police are looking at placing a surveillance camera at Independence Point, enabling officers to view a live video stream of the popular spot. The camera, if placed, would be accessible to police officers through their patrol cars using mobile data terminals, or through a stand-alone computer at the police station, said Coeur d’Alene police spokeswoman Sgt. Christie Wood.

  • Hux Poll: 60 of 83 respondents (72.3%) to a secondary poll Friday said they were comfortable w/having surveillance cameras at Independence Point. Full results here.

Question: Have the Coeur d’Alene police done a good job this summer keeping a lid on crime and hooliganism in downtown Coeur d’Alene and along the waterfront this summer?