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Clark: Bike Bandits Help Environment

It’s Sustainable September, folks, which makes it the perfect time to give a little credit to those who are going the extra mile for the planet. In that regard, I can’t think of anyone who deserves to be singled out more than the serial bank robber known for fleeing the scene on a bicycle. Authorities believe our Bike Banking Bandit may have nailed at least six local banks since December. Far be it from me to extol anyone’s aberrant behavior, but that’s what I call a roll model. Oh, sure, a lot of people flap their gums about “going green.” But how many smug “environmentalists” are committed enough to incorporate their eco-concerns into their criminal misdeeds? Didn’t think so/Doug Clark, SR. More here.

Question: Do you think thieves who rob banks and pharmacies on bikes are going the extra mile for the environment?