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Valley synagogue vandalized with swastika

A swastika was painted on a sign outside a Spokane Valley synagogue last weekend.

The congregational leader at the Kehilat HaMashiach, David D’Auria, discovered the swastika painted in red on a white sign Sunday morning outside the building at 13506 E. Broadway Ave.

The vandal, or vandals, left “no discernible evidence at the scene,” said Sgt. Dave Reagan, spokesman for the Spokane Valley Police Department.

“I was really shocked,” D’Auria said.

It was painted between 10 p.m. Saturday and 11 a.m. Saturday, D’Auria said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Check at (509) 456-2233.

CPD: Transients May Have Hung Swastikas

Police believe the people suspected of hanging Aryan posters (on Highway 95 between Neider & Bosanko), in Coeur d’Alene recently are transients. Because they are, the department is having a difficult time locating them, said Mario Rios, Coeur d’Alene police detective. But officers don’t believe the suspects are affiliated with the church of Jesus Christ of Aryan Nations, either/Coeur d’Alene Press. More here.

CPD Blues Confiscate Nazi Signs

As I mentioned in Scanner Traffic Tuesday, two neo-Nazis (including one with long hair and another in a tan Ford Explorer) put up swastika signs on utility poles along Highway 95, from Neider to Bosanko, yesterday afternoon. Sgt. Christie Wood responded to a HucksOnline inquiry with this: “We took a report for Scattering of Handbills. It falls under City ordinance 8.36.110 and is a misdemeanor. It appears we have good follow-up information with a vehicle and suspect description, as well as the license plate number to one of the vehicles. The report will be forwarded to detectives and we will investigate it.”

Supremacists Busy Along Highway 95

Huckleberries is hearing via Scanner Traffic that 2 males have plastered swastikas and racist material on every light standard and telephone pole along Highway 95, between Neider and Bosanko. One male, described as a white man with long hair and a gray shirt, is on foot. The other is in a tan Ford Explorer. As you may recall, Fast Lane Quick Lube, at Highway 95 & Bosanko is the business where a worker found that pipebomb under a vehicle, owned by former Aryan Nations lawyer Edgar Steele and driven by Steele’s wife, Cyndi. Steele is now in jail facing murder-for-hire charges involving his wife and mother-in-law.

Repeat offender busted at pawn shop

A burglary suspect arrested after reaching 100 mph during a freeway chase two weeks ago but later released from jail is back behind bars after police say he tried pawning stolen guns.

Allen S. Easley (right), 23 and considered one of Spokane top 10 repeat offenders, was picked up Tuesday at Pawn One, 3705 N. Market, along with Brittnei J. Fawver, 19 (left).

Easley’s current stay at the Spokane County Jail is his fourth since mid-April.

“This is a chronic pattern of crime sprees committed by prolific repeat offenders who continue plague our community,” said Officer Jennifer DeRuwe in a news release. 

Easley was arrested earlier this year on car theft and drug charges but spent little time in jail, documents show. He left jail after appearing in Superior Court on car theft and drug charges but was back by the end of April, however, after a suspected check forger told police it was Easley who stole the check during a burglary at a car dealership.

During questioning in connection with that case, Easley reportedly admitted to another burglary and told police of a woman who has equipment to make bogus checks using legitimate bank account numbers stolen from bills left in mail boxes, according to court documents. Easley appeared in court May 3 but left jail shortly after, and prosecutors have not yet filed burglary charges.

Police arrested the woman accused of making checks, Kristina Fricke, as well as Easley’s girlfriend, Randi Shepherd, April 30 in connection with the burglary investigation, but neither has been charged.

Also arrested was 36-year-old Kimberly L. Fawver (right), on charges of possession of a stolen motor vehicle, forgery and identify theft. She was arraigned on Tuesday and remains in jail.

Easley said he used Kimberly Fawver’s car to commit at least one of the burglaries, according to court documents. It’s unclear if Brittnei and Kimberly Fawver are related.

Easley returned to jail after a high-speed police chase May 9. He posted $20,000 bail May 14 but remains behind bars after appearing in Superior Court today on new charges.

Police believe Easley and Britteni Fawver may be responsible for other thefts in Spokane and released their mug shots Wednesday in hopes alleged victims will file reports with Crime Check, (509) 456-2233.

Easley has a swastika tattooed on the back of his head, police said.

Sightem: Neo-Nazis On 4th Street

  • Originally posted 1:28 p.m. Sunday

I just saw (1:15 p.m.) a group of about 10 neo-Nazis, men and women, on a 4th Street sidewalk adjacent to the Coeur d’Alene High parking lot (south of Coeur d’Alene Bible Church), waving two large red-white-and-blue flags with swastikas. A couple of women were holding signs with too much print to read on a drive by. But one close-cropped blond male had a sign that said: “If diversity wins, we all lose.” He waved. But I didn’t wave back. All in all, it wasn’t the type of think you’d want to see returning home from church. Or any other time in Coeur d’Alene. However, I wondered why they’d choose that location instead of one with higher traffic, like Sherman Avenue or Northwest Boulevard. Or somewhere near City Park. BTW, I did notice what happened to minorities and the world and Germany when Nazism won out for a decade of so. (AP File Photo)

Another hate crime reported in CdA

Someone early Friday spray-painted swastikas on a car outside the downtown Coeur d’Alene home of a woman who regularly has African-American friends visiting.

In addition, about two weeks ago, some men drove past the Front Avenue home in a white pickup, slowed down and yelled a racial epithet while flying a confederate flag, the residents told police.

Stephanie Guy, (above, left) who has rented the home for two years, called the police around noon on Friday, the Coeur d’Alene police report said. Guy’s daughter, Tara Silva, told police that she went to bed around midnight the night the vandalism occurred. She was awakened by the family’s dog barking around 2 or 3 a.m. but did not get up.

This is the eighth documented incident of racial harassment in the Inland Northwest since the spring, said Tony Stewart of the Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations.

Read the rest of Alison Bogg’s story here.

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