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A possible solution to ongoing pedophile priests…

Good evening, Netizens…

In this picture, Swiss President and Economy Minister Doris Leuthard gestures during a news conference in Bern March 25, 2010. Leuthard called on Sunday for a central register of pedophile priests, to prevent them from having further contact with children. (REUTERS/Michael Buholzer)

Today is Palm Sunday, traditionally viewed as the day Jesus triumphantly entered into Jerusalem and is the first day of Holy Week, which includes Good Friday and Easter. This, of course, could normally create controversies depending upon ones liturgical point of view, but this year we are seeing the entire Catholic Church, beginning with the Holy Pontiff down the chain of command, under close public scrutiny.

Pope Benedict XVI, facing one of the gravest crises of his reign as Pontiff of the Catholic Church as a sexual abuse scandal sweeps the Church, indicated on Sunday that his faith would give him the courage not to be intimidated by critics. The Vatican has gone on the offensive in a few instances, attacking the news media for what it called an “ignoble attempt” to smear Pope Benedict and his top advisers “at any cost.

I believe the Swiss government are looking down the right path with their registry of pedophile priests. According to the various news wire services, there are simply put, too many pedophile priests active in the clergy to turn a blind eye to their ongoing activities.