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Calling on the Democrats…

Good evening, Netizens…

Cartoonist David Horsey calls it “The brave new voice of patriotism”, but I suspect he has his tongue firmly glued to the deepest corners of his cheek when he wrote that line. In my opinion, this guy making the phone calls to Democratic Party members is a few cards short of a deck of cards upstairs.

However, once I back off my personal beliefs about the Tea Party members, I am still left with the bad taste that comes from listening to someone who thinks they are quite brilliant, acutely aware of all the issues and has a good command of the King’s English. Of course I might burn for this, but one person who quickly comes to mind is Sarah Palin who is making yet another run for public office without really coming out and saying so. She uses innuendo like a sharpened scimitar to lop off the ears of anyone who disagrees with her particular point of view sometimes.

Besides, anyone who consorts with a cross-eyed adder is questionable in certain ways, in my opinion.

Kudos to David Horsey for a good image of the Extreme Right Wingnuts, all done with just one cartoon panel. I’m glad to have him back once again.


A Tea Bagger’s revolt?

Good morning, Netizens…

This morning’s David Horsey cartoon may either please or displease, depending upon which side of the political aisle one sits. For those still searching for affordable health care insurance, there is an ominous air wafting across the country, because as of recent times, it does appear that affordable health insurance may be headed down the road to certain doom, or at least so badly-fractured as to render it useless.

Is the Obama camp’s use of the phrase “Tea Bagger” going to cost the Democratic Party votes come next election, as it perhaps just did in Massachusetts? That phrase used to describe Independent voters does sound a bit arrogant, doesn’t it?

Before anyone attempts to tell me that we must buy health care insurance from the government, they better improve the economy to everyone can afford it. Right now the unemployment figures are not improving hardly at all, and if the present health care bill remains as it currently appears to be with no improvement on national employment, I probably will pull up my camp chair and sit on the side of those opposed to it.

You have to improve the national economy, giving us back the jobs that have been lost, before anyone can afford the “affordable” health care insurance. There is a real problem with the number of jobs being shipped overseas, and someone from either side of the party line has to make changes to that before most can afford the so-called government health care insurance.