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Paper Features Team Laughing Dog

Mike Murray and other members of Sandpoint-based Team Laughing Dog (Wayne Pignolet, Jacob Styer, and Al Lemire) were featured in a story in Mike's hometown newspaper, Monticello (Minn.) Times: "The Fourth of July weekend is a popular time to take a road trip. Many Minnesotans head north and find a favorite lake. Mike Murray, a 1981 Monticello High School graduate, went cross-country, and he went a couple of weeks before the holiday weekend. Oh, and he made his trip on a bike. Murray is part of Team Laughing Dog, which took part in the 30th version of Race Across America, leaving Oceanside, Calif., on June 18 and arriving in Annapolis, Md., approximately six days and 10 hours later, finishing 10th out of 30 plus 4-person teams." Team Laughing Dog raised $80,000 for autism. More here. (H/T: Susan Drumheller, via Facebook)

Team Laughing Dog Raises $80,000

Four Sandpoint men, known as Team Laughing Dog, finished 10th among 19 in their division of the Race Across America cross-country bicycle race. From left: Al Lemire, Jacob Styer, Wayne Pignolet and Mike Murray. (Photo courtesy of V. Scott Pignolet)

Four mostly middle-age Sandpoint men have bicycled across the country in 6 days, 9 hours and 28 minutes to raise $80,000 for autism. Wayne Pignolet, 51, describes his experience with Team Laughing Dog as “epic.” The Sandpoint cyclists’ 10th place finish among 19 teams in their division of the Race Across America was faster than Pony Express riders took to get halfway across the country on swift horses. Laughing Dog, named for the brewery that sponsored it, averaged 19.5 mph in the nearly 3,000-mile relay race. Riders climbed 100,000 feet of grades that sometimes exceeded 10 percent and rode down them at speeds that reached 55 mph/John Craig, SR. More here.

Question: Have you ever raised thousands of dollars for a worthy cause? Tell us about it.