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Court bars Idaho from removing tent city protests

BOISE - A federal judge today issued an order barring the state of Idaho from removing Occupy Boise tents placed on state property as part of political protests in the future.

The court ruled earlier that the state can constitutionally ban overnight sleeping and camping – but that restricting political protests, including 24-hour ones, violates the Constitution.

Seven rules that the Idaho Legislature passed to restrict such protests already were found unconstitutional; the Legislature then revoked the rules this past winter. Now that those rules are revoked, that portion of the lawsuit is moot, U.S. District Judge Lynn Winmill ruled. But the Occupy group also asked for a ruling declaring that aside from the rules, the state can’t enforce laws it passed restricting protests in ways that violate Occupy Boise’s First Amendment free-speech rights. Betsy Russell, SR

Do you think tent cities have been an effective way of drawing attention to the protestors cause/s?

Gonzaga’s Homeless Camp?


Good morning, Netizens…


It just goes to show you where everyone's priorities are. According to the talking heads of the local news organizations, Gonzaga students who were temporarily staying in the “tent city” in front of the Kennel in preparation for the big game with Brigham Young University coming up tomorrow night were told they could not stay in their tents until 7:00 AM this morning due to the cold weather.


Meanwhile in other areas of our Fair City, the warming centers set aside for the homeless have not been opened. Say, now there's an idea waiting to happen. The former tent city which was created by the homeless beneath the freeway was closed and its tents removed because they were in violation of city laws. An enterprising homeless person could set up a tent in front of the Kennel and probably could get away with it so long as they could convince anyone they were Gonzaga students.


Providing it is after 7:00 AM, that is.



Council OK for Spokane tent city unlikely

A homeless advocate's proposal to create a large tent city beneath Interstate 90 won't be getting approval from Spokane City Hall any time soon, City Council President Ben Stuckart predicts.

Stuckart said this week that he asked his fellow council members if they’d be interested in extending the 14-day limit imposed by the transient shelter ordinance and each gave him an informal “nay.”

Pushing the issue is homeless advocate Ralph “Doc” Harvey and his wife, Becky, who want to create a 50-person shelter under the freeway on South Browne Street, but current city laws prohibit a tent city from existing for more than 14 days.

Harvey's next stop is the state Transportation Department, which is in charge of the area under the freeway, Harvey said.