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Dr. Terry Novak dead at 68 years of age…

Good morning, Netizens…

Dr. Terry Novak, Eastern Washington University’s professor of public administration, died Saturday at his home at age 68 of unstated causes perhaps associated with diabetes. In this picture of Novak from the Spokesman, he looks angry, but perhaps he had more goals to attain that will go incomplete now.

Novak was the spark plug behind the Waste to Energy Plant, in the vernacular, the Wasted Energy Plant, and through bringing water and sewer to the West Plains, the development of the West Plains, among his many credits. He was the Spokane City Manager for 13 years, back in our former Council-Manager form of City Government.

He hired former Police Chief Terry Mangan, something that perhaps history will not reflect upon so kindly upon according to some.

However, there was hardly anyone in City Government that hasn’t already chimed in to praise the man, from the greatest to the lowliest. Even if persons didn’t agree with him, he got things done in the words of many. You can read the official SR article here: http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2009/aug/17/ewus-novak-dead-at-68/

All we, the living, can say of Novak is, Rest in Peace.