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The Slice returns: Some blowhards are good people

Seven months after Paul Turner’s The Slice column disappeared from the pages of the Today section, it’s back. Look for column monthly in Sunday Today.

Paul Turner: Goodbye, and thanks – it’s been a great ride.

Paul Turner looks back on a long career with The Spokesman-Review, and says farewell.

UPDATED: Mon., July 9, 2018, 11:45 p.m.

Paul Turner: Of backyard magpies, raccoons, moose … and eagles?

Anyone seen a pterodactyl in Browne’s Addition? Or maybe just a moose?

Paul Turner: It’s not just politics that divide us – so do sweet onions, beards and pool water

When it is suggested that there are two kinds of people in the Spokane area, it’s tempting to think of politics. But there are more dividing lines than that.

Paul Turner: Farewell, The Slice, hello Northwest

Let’s move on.

The Slice: Modern Stone Age fam-i-ly

Talk about getting sandblasted first thing in the morning.

The Slice: Reading, writing and regionalism

Let’s talk about things Slice readers who grew up in other states had to memorize as school kids.

The Slice: A different sort of crowd management

Here, I’ll show you a partial list of the challenges they face in trying to attract a paying audience to their events.

The Slice: The readers always write

The Slice column for Thursday, April 5, 2018.

The Slice: A museum tour to remember

When you go to the Titanic artifacts exhibition at the Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture, you are issued a replica boarding pass and are invited to assume the identity …

Best of The Slice: Two down, a personality test to go

Take a big gulp and finish the assessment.

Best of The Slice: Now that’s what you call domestic spying

When kids today complain about not having any privacy, they aren’t apt to get much sympathy from those of us who were teenagers before cellphones.

Best of The Slice: Just a few steps from perfect

Big enough to have options, small enough to be convenient.

The best of The Slice: The answer’s right at your fingertips

But it’s a dry heat/cold/whatever.

Best of the Slice: A star shined brightly over Hickory Farms

Those kids sure are hams.

The Slice: Didn’t realize at the time that it was a decent catch

They definitely didn’t strike out.

The Slice: Q and A with the Easter Marmot

I’d pay cash money to see an Easter Marmot wearing an Easter bonnet.

The Slice: Tick, tick, tick …

Once bitten, twice ticked.

The Slice: Zen and the art of Spokane yard maintenance

You don’t have to let it go to seed.

The Slice: Homeward bound: A tale of Lewis and Clark’s cat

Good thing he packed his nine lives along for the trek.

The Slice: Reading, writing and ribeyes

The cafeteria fare has greatly improved.

The Slice: Sometimes quiet diplomacy is the answer

Pepe le Pew indeed.

The Slice: Sometimes it beats talking about the weather

The saying is “Misery loves company.” It’s not “Misery loves a lot of company.” One other person to share your pain will do.

The Slice: Can a microwave last long enough to be considered retro?

The other day, a Slice reader wondered if anyone still uses a microwave oven as old as her 1986 model. Here’s a sampling of the responses.

The Slice: Not to be confused with spring fever

Spring cleaning? How many springs do you have that need cleaning?

The Slice: Giving you the green light to pinch

New rule: When St. Patrick’s Day falls on a weekend, pinching power extends to the nearest weekday.

The Slice: A grandmother by any other name

Generational terms of endearment still going strong.

The Slice: Hitching up The Slice Welcome Wagon

So enough already about the men’s tournament. Let’s talk about the NCAA women’s Sweet Sixteen.

The Slice: Why restrict it to beer, cupcakes and whiskey?

Artisanal. Craft. Handmade. The family owned Spokesman-Review.