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Look, it’s all over town

Let’s start with a few suggestions for a locally themed motto for the S-R. “Covers the Inland Northwest like Pine Pollen in June.” — Gary Polser

On a quest to flush out answers

The biggest cultural divide in our area isn’t between Republicans and Democrats, Washingtonians and Idahoans or even personal-watercraft riders and people who can read. It’s between those who have septic …

The Slice: Armstrong leads quack team of rescuers

Joel Armstrong was worried. A mother duck had laid her eggs in a concrete planter box just outside his second-floor office overlooking Riverside Avenue in downtown Spokane. It’s about 15 …

DVR ruining some bad conversations

When co-workers do not watch the same TV shows, some weekday morning conversations stop before they really get started. “What did you think of what happened on ‘Dancing With the …

Sorry – Order on the Court is probably taken

Forget about the NCAA basketball tournament. The real enemy of workplace productivity is people trying to come up with inspired names for their Hoopfest teams.

They’ll need a posse to find you

Old-time TV westerns offer us some helpful strategies when it comes to getting out of weekend clean-up projects. Here are just a few tactics you might try.

Once an Athol, always an Athol

Kim Moors said there is no correcting her 97-year-old Spokane grandfather when it comes to pronouncing Inland Northwest place names. He says it his way.

Cup of coffee, toast just doesn’t cut it

Slice reader Bob Neubauer, who fondly recalls his time in Denmark, thinks the American version of a “continental” breakfast is a sad joke. He’d like to see places offering “the …

Now that’s what you call domestic spying

When kids today complain about not having any privacy, they aren’t apt to get much sympathy from those of us who were teenagers before cell phones. Let’s see a show …

The Slice

I had asked parents to reveal the secret to keeping an only child from regarding himself or herself as royalty. Christine Anderson offered an answer.

The Slice

Not everyone’s older siblings are cool. Some children’s big brothers or sisters are dorks — at least as determined by the shallow standards of popularity.

Now there’s a compliment worth buying

Elder care adviser Carol Romero was sitting in an airliner at Spokane International, waiting for it to get under way and fly to Portland. She couldn’t help but overhear a …

The Slice

File this under “Opposites attract.” South Hill resident Georgette Weech has a friend named Bonnie.

Some architecture adjusts your attitude

There are buildings in downtown Spokane I never tire of admiring. A big-deal critic of architecture might not be wowed by some of my favorites. But I like them. They …

We could all use a helping hand like Gary’s

There’s a Spokane Valley resident named Gary Weber who voluntarily clears neighbors’ sidewalks each time there is a significant snowfall. His reach extends several blocks.

Talk about leaving us hungry for more

I’m worried about one of my favorite words: “feed.” It seems like there are way fewer fundraising spaghetti feeds, sausage feeds and pancake feeds than 20 years ago. A “dinner” …

He avoided sudden death by a whisker

North Central High School student Blake Yirak emerged from the bathroom at home after shaving off some facial hair he had cultivated. He asked his mom if she wished she …

These are the days of our Slice

Let’s start with a question. The name of what Inland Northwest community or neighborhood sounds most like the title of a classic TV soap opera?

Statute of limitations on his memory

A panel of prospective jurors in a U.S. District Court criminal case was asked to raise hands if they knew of any good reason why they wouldn’t be good jurors. …

‘Snow event’ calls for team coverage

We all know there’s a popular tendency to inflate the drama and importance of ordinary occurrences. But one expression we could live without is “snow event.”

Bankruptcy comes a little later

Sharp-eyed public records reader Larry Schneiderman has noticed that some people appear to get a marriage license on the same day their divorce becomes final. He wonders if this is …

The Slice

When one child is seriously allergic to cats and dogs, everyone in the family has to do without indoor animal companionship. That’s just the way it is.

Beat everyone else to the holidays

You might want to start planning now to stretch your 2008 long weekends. Independence Day is exactly 26 weeks from today. Yes, a Friday.

So how’s the weather in ‘Sain’ Antonio?

Confession time. When I’m on the phone with a pleasant stranger in another part of the country, I don’t always correct mispronunciations of “Spokane.”

The Slice

Lots of area families enjoy attending Christmas Eve worship services. But surveys show that the Northwest is not an especially churchgoing region. So it’s fair to assume that some of …

Maybe the elves check the tires

Have you ever thought about Santa Claus having another job? Well, according to some second-graders in a position to know, he works part time at a Shell station in Hayden.

The Slice

On this date one year ago, the Today section ran a man-on-the-street feature in which randomly selected folks were asked who they would want to play them in a holiday …

The Slice

Thinking about getting married? Well, here’s something people don’t tell you: Prepare to say goodbye to many of the foods you like.

Odds for ‘08 improve 2 percent

Rest easy. The future is assured.

Is it near Lake Woy Begone?

So it turns out you can’t trust anyone who doesn’t live around here. Monday, on public radio’s “The Writer’s Almanac,” Garrison Keillor noted the birthday of novelist Marilynne Robinson, but …