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Giving thanks for history’s macho men

Spokane’s Ray and Debbie Tansy have a 5-year-old grandson named Connor in Virginia. He is in kindergarten. As part of a Thanksgiving discussion, his teacher held up a picture of …

The Slice

THE SLICE Oline Stehr in little Addy, Wash., reports that there are young people still corresponding the old-fashioned way.

This Thanksgiving, do the right thing

With just a week until Thanksgiving, it’s time to go over a few rules. There are some things you will want to keep in mind next Thursday. Let’s get started.

On the fast track to ‘Valley of Doom’

I had asked if homemade signs get drivers to slow down in residential areas. “I once lived on a street where a parent had prominently placed a large homemade sign …

‘John Blanchette Whammy No. 5’ has a nice ring

Now that we’ve gotten used to the practice of naming anything and everything after people who coughed up some dough, I’m ready to go for it. Henceforth, when I order …

It was definitely a happier time in Silver Valley

Times change. So does language. More than 30 years ago, Bob Launhardt competed in a bowling league in Idaho’s Silver Valley. One of the teams was sponsored by a tavern. …

Maybe someone just needs a nap

Business owner Elaine Rising wonders if some grouch in her little town is against friendliness. Someone keeps stealing the “Welcome to Valleyford” road signs.

Some people deserve to be trashed

You see some jaw-dropping acts of littering in Spokane. How can offenders be shown the error of their ways?

the slice

THE SLICE Slice readers know how it works when the column runs a one-question quiz/contest.

Duck, cover and don’t forget your survival card

As regular readers of the Tuesday Today section know, there are health concerns and then there are health concerns. Back during the height of the Cold War, members of certain …

Hopefully Dad’s final dream was peaceful

My parents really got into Ken Burns’ Civil War series back in 1990. So when I first heard that the documentary filmmaker was taking on World War II, I came …

Valley travelers don’t fess up

I’ve been wondering about something. When Spokane Valley residents travel to far away places, do they tell people they’re from “Spokane Valley, Washington” or do they just say “Spokane”?

Some just can’t handle the truth

I’m just wondering. How long do transplants have to live here before they stop correcting those who describe them as being “from Spokane”?

It’s too early to carve out their place

The fact that pumpkins are already on display outside grocery stores raises a question. If you bought yours today, what would you do with them for the next seven weeks?

Give ‘em a break … they’ve earned it

So this perfectly pleasant woman was asking me a battery of questions about my father. It was part of the hospital admission process. Having covered his medical history, we came …

Sometimes, happiness just kicks in

Some friends of mine took their son to college in Seattle the other day. The boy has a cross-country/track scholarship and was assigned to an athletes’ dorm floor.

Don’t leave ‘em at a floss for words

Let’s start with a seasonal etiquette question. If you have company over for dinner and serve corn on the cob, should you invite your guests to repair to the bathroom …

Readers likely to be safe and sane

Here’s a question. Do you think people who are apt to blow themselves up with fireworks read the newspaper?

Most likely to be a great reunion site

For a lot of people who did not grow up here, attending a high school reunion can be an expensive proposition. We are, after all, tucked up in a remote …

the slice

THE SLICE Today is my mother’s 90th birthday.

You’ve got this guy all wrong

One of South Hill resident Nancy Pomrenke’s last acts before moving to Florida last week was to ask for help in protecting her son’s reputation. Her boy, 26-year-old Brandon Pomrenke …

Avoid a flop this Friday the 13th

Here’s The Slice’s advice on how to make sure today – Friday the 13th – is not unlucky. 1. Ask yourself, “If I’m such a savvy poker player, how come …

Dude just won’t answer to Marian

If you saw the recent announcement of her 60th wedding anniversary, you might have wondered how a lovely woman like Marian Thompson came to be known as “Dude.” Well, shortly …

The Slice How Many Ways Can We Rationalize ‘Just Plain Lazy?’

Don’t worry, dollar dances have not been replaced by dollar dates.