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Another Flag Day Slice answer

"We moved to Sandpoint in the summer of '84 from Colorado," wrote Diane Jones. "One of my new friends gave us a beautiful, one of a kind, handmade wind sock from Hawaii for a house warming gift. We put it on the front stoop of our small home downtown. Not a week went by and someone had stolen it.

"Witnesses say it was some young girls that drove up and nabbed it quickly and drove away. A few weeks later the same exact wind sock was sighted by my friend that had given it to me. Interestingly enough, it was flying on a dock of a very wealthy family on Lake Pend Oreille!

"We did some investigating and came to find out that the young daughter had given the wind sock to her father for Father's Day. We decided that the young girl needed it more than we did, so we left it alone.

"I'm sure her father never learned the truth that day. We realized karma does catch up to you eventually!"