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100 years ago in Spokane: German autocracy ‘can never come back,’ editorial declares

On the day after the end of the European war, The Spokesman-Review editorial page took the opportunity to celebrate.

100 years ago in Spokane: Heady celebration as armistice arrives, but flu fears churn underneath

A noisy, delirious celebration broke out in the early morning in Spokane when news of the armistice arrived. See our larger story for details on one of the biggest celebrations …

100 years in Spokane: Anti-influenza health measures prove challenging to enforce

The Washington State Board of Health ordered people to wear flu masks in most public settings, yet enforcement of this rule was already proving to be nearly impossible.

100 years ago in Spokane: Kaiser Wilhelm renounces throne

The headline could not have been bigger: “Kaiser Quits!”

100 years ago: U.S. and allies take hard line on surrender as Germans retreat

The Germans were in retreat across the map. Meanwhile, the Red Cross in Spokane started selling flu masks in the corridor of Spokane City Hall.

100 years ago today in Spokane: Judge J. Stanley Webster beats Congressman C.C. Dill in mid-term election

Judge J. Stanley Webster knocked off the region’s incumbent U.S. congressman, C.C. Dill, by about 3,000 votes.

UPDATED: Mon., Nov. 5, 2018, 4:33 p.m.

100 years ago: Woodrow Wilson appears to have the election in hand

The Spokane Daily Chronicle put out a late-night extra edition blaring the news: President Woodrow Wilson appeared to be winning reelection and his party, the Democrats, remained in control of …

100 years ago in Spokane: Thrice married, woman accused of bigamy

Grace Meredith, the 19-year-old wife of William Heitzel, was arrested by Spokane detectives on a charge of bigamy when it was revealed that she had a total of three husbands.

100 years ago in Spokane: Sneeze lands cigar dealer in the custody

Cigar dealer Tom McKeene became the first man arrested in Spokane for sneezing in a public place. He made the mistake of sneezing in the presence of a judge and …

100 years ago in Spokane: ‘Huns’ pushed back across the front, but tragedy for Spokane parents

The Germans and Austrians were in retreat across the war front, but the U.S. casualty reports were still pouring in.

100 years ago in Spokane: Longtime Chinese businessman feels pull of his homeland

Ah Yen, one of Spokane’s earliest and most prominent Chinese residents, announced that he was returning to his native town in China – at least for a while.

100 years ago in Spokane: Spanish flu fears spread, and facade of confidence begins to crack

This was the day when city health authorities – and the Spokane Daily Chronicle – finally quit trying to sound optimistic about the Spanish flu epidemic.

100 years ago in Spokane: Concerned son writes home with flu fears; found dead when parents arrive

Charles E. Fay Jr. was lying ill at Fort George Wright with pneumonia, brought on by the Spanish flu, when he wrote this message to his parents in Addy, Wash.: …

100 years ago in Spokane: Editorial declares ‘fresh air’ the best treatment for Spanish flu

The Spokesman-Review editorial page issued its prescription for the deadly Spanish flu: Fresh air.

100 years ago in Spokane: Mixed messages on Spanish flu’s progress, but signs remain troubling

A front-page headline in the Spokane Daily Chronicle said, “Flu Situation Is Some Better, Reports Show” – but other articles indicated the situation was more serious than ever.

100 years ago in Spokane: Republicans decry re-election of congressman who opposed war

President Woodrow Wilson asked voters to elect a Democratic Congress, but Spokane’s Republicans had a particularly critical response to that, since it would mean re-electing a “disloyal man” and a …

100 years ago in Spokane: Flu hospital overwhelmed as nurses get ill

Spokane’s emergency Spanish flu hospital in the Lion Hotel was now crowded to capacity and “more nurses were needed at once.”

100 years ago in Pullman: 300 Washington State students sick with Spanish flu

The Spanish flu struck a new target: Washington State College at Pullman. The situation had become so bad among the students “that a desperate call for medical aid was sent …

100 years ago in Spokane: Glimmer of hope a thin cover on city’s fear as Spanish flu continues to spread

Spokane health authorities were clearly grasping for any good news they could find about the Spanish flu epidemic.

100 years ago in Spokane: City health official puts his foot down on influenza crisis

Dr. J.B. Anderson, the city health official, swore out a complaint against the Washington Water Power company because it allowed overcrowding on the company’s streetcars.

100 years ago: ‘Spectacular’ Pend Oreille cave makes progress toward state park status

The first steps were taken toward turning a spectacular natural cave in northern Pend Oreille County, near Metaline, into a state park.

100 years ago in Spokane: Growing influenza crisis creates demand for able nurses

The Spanish flu death toll went to 25, with 11 more deaths in Spokane in the previous 24 hours.

UPDATED: Thu., Oct. 18, 2018, 6:46 a.m.

100 years ago in Spokane: Flu death toll rises to 15 as city takes more action to limit crowds

The Spanish flu death toll in Spokane jumped to 15, with five more deaths reported in one morning

100 years ago in Spokane: Hotel owners object to city’s takeover over of building as flu hospital

A dispute arose after city authorities took over the Lion Hotel and turned it into a temporary influenza hospital. The owners of the hotel filed an objection to the takeover. …

100 years in Spokane: City converts hotel to flu hospital as cases mount; both congressional candidates ill

City health officials were converting the Lion Hotel on South Lincoln Street in to a temporary Spanish flu hospital.

100 years ago in Spokane: Public calm wavers as death toll from Spanish flu continues to rise

Three new Spanish flu deaths were reported in Spokane – but officials took pains to emphasize that this was still “a comparatively low death rate.”

100 years ago in Spokane: Flu cases continue to rise, but only two dead

Spokane’s Spanish flu cases jumped to 550 – but the city health officer continued to report that most of the cases were mild and the death rate “very low.”

100 years ago in Spokane: Spanish flu spikes at Gonzaga, Hillyard neighborhood

The Spanish flu was now afflicting 500 people in Spokane, up at least 60 from the day before.

100 years ago in Spokane: Health ordinance puts strict ban on public congregation

The number of Spanish flu cases rose to 300 in Spokane and even stricter measures were implemented. Even a “clairvoyance seance,” conducted by a local medium, was “rudely interrupted” by …

100 years ago in Spokane: Frenzy of countermeasures as Spanish flu takes hold

Normal life came to a halt in Spokane while health authorities tried desperately to limit a spreading Spanish flu epidemic.