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Pheasant photo triggers memories of morning walks

WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY — The one-in-a-million pheasant photo by Coeur d'Alene wildlife photographer Tim Christi sparked some pleasant memories after the S-R published it in the Outdoors section.

I received this letter last week:

"My late husband used to rise earlyl in the morning to surveyhis world before beginning his day. He often encountered a pheasant whom we nicknamed The President.

"My husband and the bird would engage each in his own language regarding who actually belonged on this sunny corn-producing hillside by the river. More often than not, they shared a joy of a new day and the joy of being part of it.

"The President shared his land for several seasons.  We knew him by a slightly crippled gait as he nibbled on young corn blades and pecked at the pumpkins.

"We will enjoy the memory via your magnificent picture."

Angie Williams, Deer Park, Wash.