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You don’t have to be a big drinker

To think that the whole idea of the "bar car" had a certain appeal.

"You're going to Spokane? Well, what a coincidence."


The guy in the center of the scene reminds me of 1960s talk show host Mike Douglas.

Another favorite vintage ad

The guy who came up with that slogan earned his pay that day.

Yes, I realize it could have been a woman.


Do you remember luggage stickers?

Once upon a time, almost all suitcases had exteriors upon which one could affix stickers like this one. 


Mind-blowing travel convenience

Ladies and gentlemen, seats that swivel.

According to the fine site credited below, this is from a 1947 brochure touting The Empire Builder.


When you’re no longer rockin’

A Spokane woman who spent a couple of days in a sleeper compartment on the westbound Empire Builder got home then, a day or two later, awoke in the middle of the night in her own bed.

Sensing the lack of motion, her first thought was that the train must be stopped.


You think you have a rough commute?

“Boxers and wrestlers are being recruited by an Indian train company to intimidate thousands of ticketless travellers into paying up or getting off.” http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/india/6538362/Indian-trains-recruit-boxers-and-wrestlers-in-fight-against-ticketless-passengers.html

I love this final paragraph: “A spokesman for the Northern Railways denied the boxers and wrestlers were being deployed to intimidate passengers. “The boxers and wrestlers are Railway employees and are expected to function like any other ticker-checkers. There is absolutely no intimidation involved,” he said.”

What’s the most miserable commute you’ve had to endure?