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These Cruises To Alaska Include Stay Near Mckinley

FROM FOR THE RECORD (Tuesday, January 27, 1998): Correction Phone number wrong: The phone number for Alaska Sightseeing Cruise West small ship tours to Alaska is (800) 888-9378. The phone …

The Cowboy Way Less Than A Day’s Drive Away, These Three Montana Guest Ranches Will Have You Whistling Your Favorite Cowboy Ballad

1. Montana dude ranches offer more than dusty trails and li’l dogies. Some feature alpine meadows and gourmet meals. Photo courtesy of Nine Quarter Circle Ranch 2. Appaloosa ponies, Saturday-night …

It’s A Great Time To Visit Canada

Canada is well worth a visit this year. Not only are there a number of exciting events, but right now the Canadian dollar is at its lowest, which makes this …

Rugged Coastline Even Without Storms Or Whales, Oregon’s Coast In Winter Is Fascinating

Just south of Cannon Beach is Silver Beach, where you get a good view of Haystack Rock and the Oregon coast. Photo by Katherine Mace

Pope Welcomed By Sea Of Faithful On Castro’s Island Of Communism John Paul Ii Calls On Cuba To ‘Open Itself Up To The World’

Pope John Paul II listens to Fidel Castro’s welcoming speech on a warm Caribbean day at Jose Marti Airport in Havana. Photo by Associated Press

President Planning Quick Visit To Bosnia Clinton Wants To Underscore Role U.S. Troops Play In Troubled Nation

President Clinton has decided to fly to Bosnia-Herzegovina next week, both to spread some holiday cheer among U.S. peacekeeping forces there and to underscore what he believes is the need …

A Plea For Tolerance And Human Rights First Lady Lauds Former Soviet Lands For Respecting Their Ethnic Diversity

First lady Hilary Rodham Clinton joins a group of Uzbek dancers during a tour of Registan Square in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, on Friday during her Central Asia tour. Photo by Associated …

First Lady’s Plane Departs - Again

The four presidents who considered the Boeing 707 their flying White House probably never thought anyone would cross the former Soviet border in it to share American secrets for success. …

First Lady Visits Brazil Schoolchildren

Hillary Rodham Clinton speaks to children at the Antonio Manoel Alves de Lima public school Wednesday. Photo by Associated Press

Clinton Sees Young Faces Of Poverty President Visits Project Helping To Lift Kids Out Of Brazil’s Slums

President Clinton juggles the soccer ball with Brazilian soccer legend Pele at the Mangueira School. The Mangueira projects seeks to lift children out of slum life by building strong bodies …

No Sale: China Visit Yields Scant Results

For all his tough talk about trade, U.S. Commerce Secretary William Daley will return from his first trip to China with no deals in hand. Daley and China’s trade minister, …

Locke Walks A Tightrope In China Visit Governor Must Balance Business, Human Rights Issues


Locke, Wife To Trace China Connections Governor, With Trade Mission, Spouse Have Meandering Roots In Fabled Land

Gov. Gary Locke and his wife, Mona, will visit China next month. File/Associated Press

Albright’s Big Test What The Secretary Of State Says And Does On Her First Trip To The Mideast Will Be Scrutinized By Israelis And Palestinians Searching For Clues About American Intentions And Sympathies.

Secretary of State Madeleine Albright’s first trip to Mideast this week comes at a critical time in Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations. Photo by Associated Press

Locke To Visit Parents’ Hometown China Trip Will Be Mix Of Business And Personal

Gov. Gary Locke, the country’s first Chinese-American governor, said Tuesday that his trade mission to China next month will combine an emotional homecoming to his ancestral village with high-level government …

Pope Blasts Immigration Cuts He Says West Has Duty To Care For Needy From All Countries

Pope John Paul II wipes his forehead during Mass at the new Evry cathedral, France’s most modern church, in suburban Paris on Friday. Photo by Associated Press

Clinton Promises Poles Military Security

In a cobblestone square filled with cheering Poles, President Clinton brought a promise of Western military security to a nation tormented by tyranny throughout history. “Never again will your fate …

Dole In Romania

Bob Dole speaks as President Emil Constantinescu stands by Sunday. Photo by Associated Press

Choir’s Journey To Rome ‘Extraordinary Experience’

Our Lady of Lourdes choir is shown in front of St. Peter’s Basilica.

From Tees To Greens, Cruises Give Travelers Their Fill

Some of the world’s legendary golf courses are now the featured shore excursions on several cruises. On Seabourn Cruise Lines, passengers will be able to golf at the Monte Carlo …

Nostalgic Trip Home For Pontiff Frail Pope, 77, Celebrates Mass At His Favorite Mountain Retreat

Pope John Paul II points to the sky with his walking stick during Friday’s visit to southern Poland. Photo by Associated Press

Pope Asks Poles To Pray For Him

An emotional John Paul II, making what many Poles fear may be his last pilgrimage home, asked his countrymen to pray for him Monday so that he can lead the …

Pope Urges Poles To Seek Tolerance Asks His Countrymen To Find Peace Between Church, State

Pope John Paul II waves through the rain-covered windows of his popemobile. Photo by Associated Press

Pope Asks Reconciliation But Flags In Crowd Signal Rivalries In War-Torn Region

Pope John Paul II gives communion to a Bosnian Croat soldier Sunday in Sarajevo. Photo by Associated Press

N. Korea Wants Food Before Entering Talks U.S. May Send Additional Aid, But Not As Lure To Negotiations

On the brink of starvation, North Korea is demanding food as a precondition to peace talks, according to a delegation of U.S. senators who returned here from the North Korean …

Chinese Get Earful From Newt Speaker Critical Of China’s ‘Freedom’

It’s safe to say that students at the Foreign Affairs College of the People’s Republic of China probably haven’t heard many lectures like the one they heard Saturday from U.S. …

Under Spotlight, Gore Lacks Luster

Gore shakes hands with a soldier Saturday north of Seoul, South Korea. Photo by Associated Press

Chelsea Takes Center Stage She’s Poised, Articulate In Impromptu Q&A;

Chelsea Clinton stands with Mam Joan Koisiaga, director of the Olturoto Village, and other teens as they walk through the village. Photo by Associated Press

Gore Broaches Political Change With Students Speech Shifts Focus Of China Trip From Contracts To Political Reform

Vice President Al Gore, on a visit to Beijing to shore up U.S.-Chinese relations, delivered a veiled but unmistakable appeal Wednesday for political change in China in a speech to …

King Hussein To Pass Through Idaho Falls

King Hussein of Jordan is scheduled to fly into the Idaho Falls Municipal Airport today on his way to Jackson, Wyo. Hussein had postponed plans to arrive on Thursday, said …