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Clinton Brings Praise, Treats To U.S. Soldiers In Bosnia

Clinton addresses troops Saturday at the Tuzla air base. Photo by Associated Press

Getting Away From It All Looking For An Escape From The Traffic And Crowds? Then Head For The High Ground Above Priest Lake

The only sounds are a soft ticking as my snowmobile’s engine cools and the gentle hiss of a breeze sliding over snow-covered slopes. We are high above Priest Lake on …

Nelson: Different Country, Different Culture And Different Outlook

It happened again the other day. There I was, telling someone about some neat spots in Canada, and this person ‘fessed up that she had never been there. “How long …

Gingrich Brings Out Right And Left Republicans Turn Out In Tukwila; Democrats Rally In Seattle

Gingrich plays a crowd in Tukwila, Wash., Wednesday. Photo by Associated Press

Frostbite Cuts Short Antarctic Journey

A Norwegian adventurer aborted a record-setting solo ski trek across Antarctica on Saturday, blaming severe frostbite. Five days after leaving the South Pole for the second lap of the transcontinental …

Clinton Reschedules Japan Trip For April

President Clinton will travel to Tokyo in April to meet with Japan’s leaders in an effort to improve strained relations with the United States. Clinton had canceled such a trip …

Chenoweth Still Against Deployment Mission To Bosnia Doesn’t Change Her Opposition To U.S. Involvement


‘We Will Stand With You’ Clinton Compares Civil War With Northern Ireland

President Clinton reaches into the crowd to greet well-wishers after switching on the Christmas lights at City Hall of Belfast, Northern Ireland. Photo by Associated Press

Hitting The Road The Holiday Ritual Of Piling The Kids Into The Car For Family Visits Needs To Be Figured Into The Fun

A working part of any family holiday season is that special time when over the highway and off the ramps to some other house you go. Making somewhat of a …

Gesture Means A Lot First Lady Makes Purchase In Santiago Public Market

Hillary Clinton visits a street market, accompanied by her Chillean counterpart, Mara Larraechea. Photo by Associated Press

Fish Costa Rica Without Getting Soaked With A Little Preparation, Central American Paradise Can Be A Good Deal Too

1. A crocodile basks on the bank of the Rio Sierpe in Costa Rica. Crocs are among the varied and exotic flora and fauna that await visitors to the region. …

Exotic On A Budget Backwaters Of Costa Rica Boast Fish And Economy

Fishing guide pushes boat through shallow channel in Costa Rica in April.

Clintons Stop In Idaho Falls Party’s ‘Worker Bees’ Get To Meet First Family

About 50 Idaho Democrats got a chance to meet with President Clinton and his family, and party officials say they tried to give rank-and-file workers a chance to visit with …

Ride Turned Into 2,000-Mile Trip Kentucky Teen Accidentally Locked Inside Railroad Car

Mike Wright jumped a train near his home in western Kentucky, planning to ride a mile or two into town for some candy and soda. The 17-year-old didn’t get his …

As Budget Crisis Grows, Officials Go On A Junket Commissioners’ Trip Will Cost At Least $4,000 At A Time When The County Is Going Broke

1. Harris 2. Hasson

Hazel O’Leary Travels In High Style Gets First-Class Seats, Top Hotels

U.S. Energy Secretary Hazel O’Leary defends her department against budget-cutting proposals by portraying herself as a master economizer in government - reducing her work force, boosting efficiency and saving money. …

Picture This… Professional Photographers Share Ideas Of How To Capture The Spirit Of Time And Place

1. Enchanted light over California’s Owen River by Galen Rowell: “This is not a found photograph but a created one.” Photo by Galen Rowell/ Mountain Light Photography 2. Designs in …

Smooth Out Family Air Travel With Good Planning

Family travel can be fun and exciting for kids and parents alike, but summer is also an especially busy time at airports everywhere. If your family’s summer travel includes flying, …

Historic Discovery Finding Yourself In Europe’s Castles

Andrea Palpant in front of Covent Castle in England.

Smart Summer Resources

A variety of books are available with ideas, tips and fun for the summer ahead - whether families are planning to camp, travel or stay at home. For kids heading …

Clinton To Hold Town Meeting In Billings

The White House confirmed Friday that President Clinton will stay in Billings overnight next week and hold a town meeting to talk with Montanans. Joshua Silverman of the White House …

Good Feelings As Clinton Meets With Ukraine Chief Economic Reform, Eliminating Nuclear Weapons Earns Praise

Ukrainian Presiden Leonid Kuchma welcomes President Clinton. Photo by Associated Press

Position For Summit Made Plain U.S. Won’t Tolerate Russia Helping Iran With Nuke Program

Secretary of State Warren Christopher Thursday sternly warned that the Clinton administration would be unsatisfied with any Russian nuclear cooperation with Iran as he laid out a sober and “businesslike” …

Hood River Valley Fruit Trees Are Coming Into Bloom

The Seattle Aquarium hosts whale watching throughout April

Cruise Along Alaska’s Wild Shores A Number Of Companies Are Catering To The Growing Popularity Of “America’s Last Frontier’

Bigger doesn’t always mean better. Cruising on smaller ships means more time to see unspoiled wilderness and wildlife. Alaska Special Expeditions photo.

Flight Delayed? Relax And Join The Club

Hundreds of thousands of this county’s most frequent fliers swear by them, fax from them, schmooze and snooze in them. But for most vacation travelers, an airline membership lounge still …

Poor Women Describe Success To First Lady

Hillary Rodham Clinton said she came to the Indian subcontinent to learn, and her teachers on Monday were the women of a tiny Hindu village. They taught her how to …

From Behind Bulletproof Panels, Leaders Hail Peace Clinton And Aristide Celebrate The Start Of Democracy In Haiti

President Clinton chats with U.S. soldiers relaxing in a kiddie pool. Photo by Associated Press

Chelsea Lets Her Hair Down In India First Lady, A More Relaxed And Confident First Daughter Stick Close During 12-Day Tour

Chelsea Clinton visits the Taj Mahal with her mother, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Photo by Associated Press

First Lady Accused Of Avoiding Issues

At the most lavish event of her South Asian journey, first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton surveyed her palace dinner guests earlier this week from a raised, white marble pavilion that …