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Ask Dr. Universe: How do some trees survive after being burned in a wildfire?

While it might seem like wildfires only cause destruction, they are actually a natural and important part of keeping forests healthy.

UPDATED: Fri., Aug. 10, 2018, 12:38 p.m.

Lands Council asks for volunteers to hand-water trees

The Lands Council needs volunteers to water trees along Hangman Creek, Little Spokane and the Spokane River. The trees, which were planted, require extra water during the summer’s hottest months, …

100 redwoods coming to the region, all in need of permanent homes

A refrigerated semi-truck loaded with 100 6-foot-tall giant redwood trees is heading to the Pacific Northwest. Philip Stielstra, a retired Boeing employee and volunteer Seattle Tree Ambassador, is in search …

In the garden: Pruning correctly helps keep trees and shrubs healthy

“It’s something of a myth that pruning needs to be done every year,” said Tim Kohlhauff of the WSU/Spokane County Extension. “It should only be done if it accomplishes a …

Officials ponder protections for ponderosa pines, Spokane’s official tree

Rapid development throughout Spokane County is galvanizing advocates of ponderosa pines. They want to find ways to preserve and replant urban forests as the region grows.

UPDATED: Thu., Nov. 23, 2017, 10:38 p.m.

Pacific Northwest tree shortage leads to Christmas conundrum in Utah

Utah families looking for a fresh-cut Christmas tree might come up short because fewer conifers are available in the Pacific Northwest this year.

Larch trees still showing their true colors

Almost naked last week, the larch still held enough color to stand out in the crowd of evergreens.

Whitworth building public garden at front of campus

After a destructive windstorm in November 2015, only two battered pine trees remained standing on a patch of land that marks the front entrance of Whitworth University. Now the site …

UPDATED: Thu., June 22, 2017, 4:29 p.m.

Rolling sequoia: Idaho tree tied to John Muir set for move

Not very often does a 10-story-tall, 800,000-pound landmark change locations. Especially one that’s alive.

The apples and the bees

Every year thousands of hives dot Washington’s apple orchards. The bees inside pollinate the state’s apple trees. Apple farmers, for the most part, rent the their bees, said Dave Robison …

UPDATED: Sun., April 23, 2017, 9:43 p.m.

Community reluctantly bidding farewell to 600-year-old tree

For hundreds of years, an imposing white oak tree has watched over a New Jersey community and a church. But the tree – believed to be among the oldest in …

In the Garden: Trees give so much, including beauty, clean air, sustenance

Have you ever stopped to think about the trees planted in our parks, along city streets and in our backyards? While they are an important aspect of the environment around …

UPDATED: Wed., Feb. 1, 2017, 3:20 p.m.

Whitworth begins replanting trees toppled in 2015 windstorm

Whitworth University has begun replanting trees on campus after 155 were toppled in the November 2015 windstorm.

Drought kills 102 million trees in California, report shows

The California drought has killed more than 102 million trees in a die-off of forests that increases the risk of catastrophic wildfires and other threats to humans, officials said Friday.

City works quickly to deliver water to parched trees in Riverfront Park

At least two trees in Riverfront Park lost their leaves after going without water for an unknown amount of time during the summer heat. Contracted workers are using firehoses, among …

In the Garden: Vibrant, hardy viburnums a year-round joy

While we gardeners love our blooming annuals and perennials, trees and shrubs provide a backdrop for the floral display throughout the season. One of the loveliest shrubs ideal for growing …

Forest Service warns of snapping trees in North Idaho

Large fir trees in North Idaho forests are supporting so many cones that they are in danger of snapping.

Group clones California’s huge trees to fight climate change

A cadre of modern day Johnny Appleseeds believe California’s giant sequoias and coastal redwoods are blessed with some of the heartiest genetics of any trees on Earth – and that …

Gardening: Many trees showing signs of drought stress

Deep watering will help trees through hot and dry summers.

Front Porch: Death makes room for life – and three trees for future

There they are, three small subalpine fir trees in my front yard. They stand fresh and new with their roots beginning to move (hopefully) from their root ball into the …

Years of drought causing tree die-off in Oregon forests

Pines, oaks and madrone do better in drought conditions than Douglas firs, but even more drought-tolerant trees like ponderosa pines have lost out in southern Oregon’s competition for water.

Front Porch: Windstorm uncovers tree’s buried problems

There are more than three dozen ponderosas surrounding my house, from a few that are 5 feet tall to the big guy just outside my front door that’s more than …

Reviving the urban forest: Advice for replacing trees lost to windstorm

On Nov. 17, Spokane was hit with a severe windstorm that caused hundreds of trees to topple. Many homeowners are now faced with the task of replacing those trees while …

Gardening: Warmer weather means it’s time to plant new trees

When buying a tree, do some research to find varieties you like. The grocery stores generally carry only a half dozen of the more than 5,000 varieties of apple that …

In windstorm aftermath, arborists suggest evaluations before removing more trees

As students started their journey home on Nov. 17, a towering pine collapsed on a parked car just outside Jefferson Elementary School. Teachers and school leaders hurried children back inside …

Gardening with Pat Munts: Have arborists assess storm-damaged trees

One of the biggest problems that has emerged after the cleanup is that some trees have been uprooted but not enough to topple them. Again spruces seem to be the …

Editorial: Lend a hand or ask for help; we’re in this disaster together

The Inland Northwest was knocked flat by an unprecedented winds, but citizens are rallying to the cause.

Serving Spokane Valley: Lands Council coaxes trees’ growth along Latah Creek

For now, the banks of Latah Creek near Valleyford are overgrown with weeds and invasive grasses. But environmentalists hope that in 50 years, a grove of towering aspen and cottonwood …

City plans tree giveaway to cut water pollution

A fir tree can absorb almost 300 gallons of water per year. An ash tree takes care of about 100 gallons. Dogwoods only take in about 26 gallons. For the …

Huckleberries: Hudson’s racks up another tasty tribute

You can add another accolade to the pile accumulated by historic Hudson’s Hamburgers in downtown Coeur d’Alene – “Most Iconic Restaurant in Idaho.” So says the Huffington Post, which picked …