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Showin’ Some Love…

It’s the age-old activity for Valentine’s Day; many pop in a movie, cook up some popcorn, then sit down and enjoy the cpmpany of loved ones. Here are the classics…

When Harry Met Sally
Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal see sparks fly in New York City. (I LOVE the resturant scene…gets me every time..:D)

Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Any Audrey Hepburn fans? She’s amazing as Holly Golightly in this love story.  She has a really adorable cat too…

This movie proved to fans everywhere that tragedy is often really romantic and enjoyable. Not many can pull off drowning as handsomly as Leonardo DiCaprio.

The Notebook
Ya…Nicholas Sparks really nailed this one. I’ll bet that every girl out there knows what I’m talkin’ about with this tear-jerker. (I’ll bet most guys understand too…)

Kind of untraditional, underground-hit - but amazing just the same. A love story between two teenagers and a lot of ‘slushie’ references…it’s a classic.

What’s YOUR favorite lovey-dovey movie? What are you plans for today?

Simple Mind: Don’t Buy Me Flowers

The King and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. And nothing would tick me off more than if he bought me flowers. You can go to buy flowers during the year and get some really nice dozen of roses for $9.95. But this week, it is $39.95 and $100. Highway robbery. We don’t need candy … neither of us. And we have even given up on the cards. They aren’t our words. See the King and I feel you should be Sweethearts every day. And we are. So what is the big deal? And we don’t need a guilt day/Cis, From A Simple Mind. More here.

Question: What kind of gift would you like to receive on Valentine’s Day?

Hitchin’ Post Readies For V-Day

Item: Hitched in a hurry: Hitching Post sees lovers of all types on Valentine’s Day/Tom Hasslinger, CDA Press

More Info: The chapel has hitched young, old, fertile, sterile, skinny and pregnant, vacationers watery-eyed from cocktails, weekenders from Washington, Montana and California; elderly couples racing against the clock and soldiers trying to beat deployment — 15 minutes at a time. There is the couple who met in high school, ones on the Internet, ones who met 50 years ago, and some who met yesterday. Saturday, Valentine’s Day, will see them all. The reservation list is full. The changing rooms, the two bedrooms in the back, will be converted to chapels all their own.

Question: Were you married at the Hitchin’ Post? Are do you know anyone who was married at the Hitchin’ Post?

He Loved Her $30,000 Worth

Item: Valentine’s Day gift included winning lottery ticket for Hayden woman/Alison Boggs, SR

More Info: The Valentine’s Day gifts Jim Johnson of Hayden purchased for his wife, Irene, included a box of chocolates, a card and a few Lottery Scratch tickets. Johnson had no idea when he went out of town on business that his early gift would have a value of $30,000. “When I called her from the road, I didn’t believe her at first when she told me that she’d scratched the big winning ticket,” Jim Johnson said in a news release issued by the Idaho Lottery.

Question: What is the most money that you’ve won playing the lottery?

Parting Shot — 2/9/09

A woman smiles at a pair of male mannequin’s legs sticking out of the snow drift outside the Shelby Floral Shop in Shelby, Ohio, Monday,  a few days before Valentine’s Day. (AP Photo/Mansfield News Journal, Dave Polcyn)

SR Today In Photos

Question: Just how much trouble would you be in — on a scale of 1 to 10, with one being “no trouble at all” — if you forgot to get you Valentine a gift on or by Saturday?

JanTri: I Wasn’t Looking For Love

Jim, looking like Sam Elliot in cowboy boots and hat,walked over as I chatted with friends. He introduced himself and in a smooth, confident baritone said, “We need to be dating.” How storybook, how romantic! Since I was totally unfamiliar with dating etiquette, all I could do was laugh in his face and sputter an embarrassed “I don’t think so!” in my most sarcastic voice. I had been alone for five years, prior to that, happily married for twenty years to my best friend since old Hippie days. We were growing up and planning on growing old together. His loss was sudden, devastating, life changing; but I had adapted well. I wasn’t interested in another relationship or dating, wasn’t looking, wasn’t interested!/JanTri, Brand X Ranch. More here.

Bayview Herb is looking for love stories here.

Question: What’s your love story?