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Ex-GOP Candidate Baumbach Cited

It's been the kind of week that blurs the line between the political beat and the police blotter. On Thursday, the Ada County sheriff's office issued Lucas Baumbach a failure to obey citation, a misdemeanor. Baumbach, 33, ran for state Senate on the GOP ticket in 2010, losing to Boise Democratic Sen. Elliot Werk. He also ran unsuccessfully for Boise City Council in 2009. He may be best known for a video mashup, released the day before the 2010 GOP primary, showing wording similarities in speeches by GOP congressional candidate Vaughn Ward and President Obama. Ward lost the next day, and the video certainly didn't help/Kevin Richert, Idaho Statesman. More here.


Read more here: http://voices.idahostatesman.com/2012/06/14/krichert/former_state_senate_city_council_candidate_arrested#storylink=twt#storylink=cpy

Ward back in Idaho political fray

Failed congressional candidate Vaughn Ward, now CEO of a for-profit hospital in Post Falls, has waded right back into the middle of the political fray in Idaho, the Associated Press' John Miler reports. Ward's new task is to help lead the latest charge by private hospitals and independent doctors who want to add to their patient rolls by forcing their way into the state's private health care networks, over the networks' objections. A bill to do just that died last year in the House, Miller reports, but it's back this year and at least 27 lobbyists are working the issue - as is Ward. Ward told Miller he didn't think the effort would rehabilitate his image after a gaffe-plagued campaign last spring, and he has no plans to run for office again. Click below to read Miller's full story.

Ward named head of for-profit hospital

Vaughn Ward, the candidate who lost the GOP primary in Idaho’s 1st Congressional District this year to rival Raul Labrador after a series of campaign missteps, has been named CEO of the for-profit Northwest Specialty Hospital in Post Falls, the AP reports, and will start the job Sept. 27th. Ward and his family plan to relocate from Eagle to North Idaho; click below for the full report from the AP and the Coeur d’Alene Press.

Vaughn Ward Returns To Facebook

Item: Vaughn Ward returns to Facebook after 7-week absence/Dan Popkey, Idaho Statesman

More Info: Ward’s return to Facebook on Monday has prompted dozens of comments, mostly supportive, including defenses of his campaign by his wife and mother and suggestions that he run again in 2012. Ward himself addresses the issue of plagiarism that helped sink his campaign. … Without naming him, Ward blames his former campaign manager, Ryan O’Barto, for cribbing from Obama and Pennsylvania congressional candidate Pat Meehan.

Question: Should Vaughn Ward run again for Congress in 2012?

What Does Palin Endorsement Mean

Since last fall, as the “Texas 4 Palin” blog indicates, the former guv has endorsed 27 different political candidates, mostly via her Facebook page. Of those, 14 candidates have faced primary elections. In these, Palin is 10-4. She backed war veteran Vaughn Ward in Idaho’s congressional primary — a move criticized by Tea Partiers, many of whom supported the ultimately victorious Raul Labrador. Looking ahead to Washington state’s August primary, she has endorsed Cathy McMorris Rodgers and John Koster for Congress, as well as Clint Didier’s bid to unseat U.S. Senator Patty Murray. But despite her track record so far, there is still debate over what exactly her endorsement means/Inlander. More here. (AP/Statesman file photo of Sarah Palin & Vaughn Ward)

Question: Kiss of death? Or packs a punch? What does an endorsement by Sarah Palin mean for Northwest candidates?

Dennis: Palin Has Become ‘Bland’

Timothy Egan wrote a piece for the NY Times recently in which he challenged “The Brand” of Sarah Palin. The piece begins with Idaho’s hard-fought Primary Race of Tuesday and suggests that Sarah Palin’s political muscle has atrophied. I recently wrote a post in which I questioned whether Mrs. Palin had reached a point of political muscle strain. Egan builds more on the premise, than what I presented.   Egan reflects on Gov. Palin’s half-empty arena in Idaho and questions whether she even “has it” anymore…even in the reddest of states: Idaho. He tackles Palin’s judgement in supporting Nikki Haley of SC - a woman mired in a sexual scandal, running for Governor. His take is interesting. He says she’s misusing her “brand” and that it will, in time, fade. I think he misses something big. It’s not her “brand”, it’s her “bland”/Dennis Mansfield. More here.

  • AP/Idaho Statesman Photo/Chris Butler: Sarah Palin & Vaughn Ward days before primary election.

Question: Has Sarah Palin lost her clout with red-meat conservatives?

Leno Mocks Vaughn Ward In Monologue

On the Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight, Leno played the entire video mashup that juxtaposes clips of Barack Obama’s 2004 Democratic national convention speech with similar turns of phrase in a speech by Idaho GOP congressional candidate Vaughn Ward at the Idaho state capitol this spring, a mashup put together by Idaho GOP legislative candidate Lucas Baumbach. Leno’s kicker: “When they asked this guy if he thought he could get away with this, he said, ‘Yes we can! Yes we can!’”/Betsy Russell, Eye on Boise.

Question: Which was your favorite Ward misstep?

Labrador Defeats Ward (848 of 936)

REPHarley D. Brown2,6203.6%
 REPMichael L. Chadwick4,4146.0%
 REPRaul R. Labrador35,65848.6%
 REPAllan M Salzberg1,9982.7%
 REPVaughn Ward28,63239.0%

Ward wIns Kootenai County:

Vaughn Ward.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .     5,935   46.66
Raul R. Labrador .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .     4,716   37.08
Michael L. Chadwick .  .  .  .  .  .  .     1,074    8.44
Harley D. Brown  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .       529    4.16
Allan M. Salzberg.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .       465    3.66
Total .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .    12,719

Vaughn Ward takes his lumps. Are they deserved?

Talking Points Memo, a liberal news blog, has hung the title of worst candidate ever on Vaughn Ward, who is running in the GOP primary in Idaho’s 1st Congressional District.

In part, it’s due to a video that shows Ward saying some of the same things another young politician said in 2004. So what, you say, politicians borrow each other’s lines all the time? Well, the young politician was Barack Obama addressing the Democratic National Convention, so that’s not a good thing for someone running in a Republican primary in Idaho. It also lists some of Ward’s other mistakes, many chronicled expertly by colleague Betsy Russell at Eye on Boise.

But it seems TPM is picking on Ward and, by extension, Idaho, just a bit. I mean really, worst ever? On the same page, they mention that J.D. Hayworth, running for the Senate in the Arizona Republican primary, insisted that the United States didn’t declare war on Nazi Germany in 1941, and that’s probably even in history books in Texas. And then his staff tried to parse history in such a way that well, you could argue we did or we didn’t, so no one’s really right or wrong on this point.

And Richard Blumenthal, running as a Democrat for U.S. Senate in Connecticut, lied about serving in Vietnam and being captain of the Harvard swim team — two things that are so easy to check it’s amazing it took reporters so long to call him out on them. And he’s the state’s attorney general for gosh sakes. Compared to that, cribbing from Obama (who is, after all a good speaker; even John McCain said so) and suggesting Puerto Rico is a country might be small potatoes.

Washington has it’s share of bad candidates too, like Robert Tilden Medley, a U.S. Senate candidate who wanted to deport all immigrants, send all African Americans to Africa and fund AIDS research by charging gay men to have sex. (Spin Control is not making this up; we don’t have that good of an imagination.)

The title of the worst candidate ever would have to be decided by a playoff with brackets, sort of like the NCAA basketball championship, with divisions for local, state, congressional and presidential.

Who would you put as the top seed in one or more of those brackets for the worst candidate competition?

Salon, TPM Name Ward Worst Candidate

Meet Vaughn Ward. He’s running in today’s Republican primary in Idaho’s 1st Congressional District. He’s an Iraq War veteran. A former CIA operations officer. A fourth-generation Idaho native. Heck, Sarah Palin supports him. And after this spring’s disastrous, gaffe-filled primary campaign — during which Ward declared that Puerto Rico was a country, apparently plagiarized fellow candidates and Barack Obama, campaigned on cutting federal spending while his wife’s gig at Fannie Mae allowed Ward to go without an income, and re-released a six-month-old endorsement — Ward may be able to add another title to his resume: Worst candidate ever/Ben Frumin, TPM. More here.

  • H/T: Sara Anderson & BPoole

Question: C’mon, Ward isn’t even the worst candidate in the 1st Congressional District race. Harley Brown’d take those honors. What do you think of TPM’s assessment?

Crapo Wants Correction From Ward

Did Ward Crib Obama’s Speech, Too?

Did Vaughn Ward crib Barack Obama’s speech, too? Listen for yourself.

SR, Statesman, IPT Back Labrador

A late arrival to the race for Congress, state Rep. Raul Labrador (pictured) has demonstrated competence, composure and a command of nuanced policy. Despite more than a year of full-time campaigning, decorated Marine Major Vaughn Ward has proven himself untrustworthy. Labrador has earned the support of Republicans in Tuesday’s primary. He has earned the opportunity to present his case to 1st Congressional District voters in the fall, in a heated race likely to carry national implications. Let’s be realistic. Should a Republican win in November, the victor will be a newcomer in what will probably be a deeply split House. No first-termer will be a phenom. Labrador has the better chance to make an impact/Idaho Statesman. More here.

Question: Will the Statesman and Idaho Press-Tribune also endorse Labrador in the general election, if he beats Ward Tuesday?

Poll: Ward, Labrador In Dead Heat

Marine reservist Vaughn Ward and state Rep. Raul Labrador are in a statistical tie in the Republican primary race to represent western Idaho in Congress, says an Idaho Statesman/KBOI TV Channel 2 poll. The snapshot of the electorate, taken a week before the vote, shows Ward backed by 31 percent of voters and Labrador by 28 percent, putting the race within the plus or minus 5 percent margin for error. Undecideds topped each candidate with 37 percent. Harley Brown had 4 percent. Ward had big leads in fundraising and advertising, but Labrador has gained momentum in recent weeks as Ward suffered a series of setbacks culminating in the resignation of his campaign manager last week/Dan Popkey, Idaho Statesman.  More here.

DFO: It appears Labrador has the momentum, erasing an 18-point deficit from the last poll of substance,  and will benefit from cross-over voting. My guess? Labrador’s going to win.

Question: Which of these two candidates would have the best chance against Walt Minnick?

Parting Shot — Sarah Palin Visits Boise

Sarah Palin greets people at the Qwest Arena in Boise this morning on after giving a speech for Republican Vaughn Ward who is running for a seat in congress. Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin had to quickly buy a new outfit before a rally in Idaho on Friday because her luggage got lost. Republican congressional hopeful Vaughn Ward introduced Palin before about 1,500 people and said she and her family arrived on time in Boise but their bags did not. (AP Photo/Times-News, Ashley Smith)

Hi-Noon: Sarah & ‘Lamestream Media’

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin had harsh words for the “lamestream media” and the liberal left as she gave an enthusiastic speech rallying voters for GOP congressional candidate Vaughn Ward in Boise today. “The left and some of the lamestream media, they can really play dirty sometimes, trust me on this one, I know this one,” Palin told a crowd of about 1,500 at the Qwest Arena in downtown Boise. Ward, who headed the McCain-Palin presidential campaign in Nevada in 2008, is facing state Rep. Raul Labrador, R-Eagle, in Idaho’s primary election on Tuesday for a chance to challenge freshman Democratic Congressman Walt Minnick/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise. More here. (Joe Jaszewski photo for HucksOnline)

Question: Do you think the media is ‘lamestream’? And/Or (from Idaho Reporter): When has the media reported false info re: Vaughn Ward?

Palin-Ward Rally Coverage Thread

There appear to be about 500 seats set up on the floor of the Qwest Arena for the Sarah Palin-Vaughn Ward rally, and so far roughly half have filled up. In the free seats on the risers at the sides a little over 100 people are seated so far. Outside, people filing in included Linn and George Pitt of Garden City; “We’re big admirers of Sarah Palin,” she said, to which her husband added, “We’re undecided on Ward vs. Labrador, so we want to hear him some more.” Glancing at her husband, Linn said, “I’m going to vote for Vaughn Ward”/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise. More here.

DFO: We’ll use this thread to discuss Vaughn Ward’s rally w/Sarah Palin this morning.

AM: People Arriving For Palin Rally

People are filtering in slowly for the Sarah Palin rally for Vaughn Ward’s campaign this morning; here’s a shot of the line outside just as the doors opened. Inside, a photo slide show of pictures of Ward is playing on the big screen and the band High Street, in its distinctive zoot suits, is setting up onstage. (Eye On Boise Photo). Also: Free tickets available for Ward-Palin event.

SR: Labrador Better Pick Than Ward

On the most prominent social and fiscal issues, Labrador and Vaughn are solidly in the same conservative camp. … Picking an effective carrier of the party’s standard will require Republican voters to look beyond the issues. Endorsements are sometimes helpful, and Ward claims the most prominent names – former Govs. Dirk Kempthorne and Phil Batt and Attorney General Lawrence Wasden, for example. Nevertheless, give Labrador the edge for hands-on lawmaking experience. Ward has worked as an aide on Capitol Hill, but Labrador is a legislator and has proved himself in that capacity. Meanwhile, several disconcerting disclosures that have emerged from Ward’s campaign tilt the scales in Labrador’s favor/Spokesman Review Editorial Board. More here.

Question: Do you agree with the Spokesman-Review endorsement?

Bubblehead: Yes, Call Her Gov. Palin

Bubblehead: I don’t think there’s a consensus, so I can only say what I was taught in the military when we had washed-up politicians visit. We were told that, in general, former chief executives (Presidents, Governors) are still given the honorific they had as chief executive after they leave office, but former representatives (Senators, Representatives) are not. Therefore, Governor Palin would be correct, as would Mr. Sali, if they were to visit a military post.

Question: Should former Alaska governor Sarah Palin be addressed and referred to as “Gov. Palin”?

Palin Won’t Speak To Media In Boise

Mike Tracy, the new campaign manager for Vaughn Ward, the Marine reservist campaigning for the Republican nomination for Idaho’s 1st Congressional District, told IdahoReporter.com that Republican superstar Sarah Palin will not take questions from media at any time during her visit to the state. … Tracy said that Palin’s itinerary is too full to take time for reporters.  ”Unfortunately we don’t have time for that,” said Tracy.  Palin’s visit will feature three events: a photo opportunity, which costs $1,000 per person, a VIP reception with Palin, $250 a person, and a rally in the Qwest Arena, which costs those 18 and older $10 per person/Dustin Hurst, Idaho Reporter. More here.

Question: Do you really think that Palin’s agenda is too full? Or that Palin insists that she not speak to the media, as she did when she visited Coeur d’Alene in December?

Labrador: Stop Attacks On Sarah Palin

Raul Labrador just posted this on his Facebook page: “It’s not unusual to see posts of disappointment in Gov. Palin by those who do not call themselves conservative. They are everywhere. What IS of interest is when solidly conservative Bloggers write about a prevailing and expanding disappointment in her. Sarah Palin’s visit to Idaho on behalf of the beleaguered Vaughn Ward Congressional Campaign has prompted many comments by conservatives. We are disappointed with her coming into this Primary Race (as Ward clearly is the damaged candidate) but we urge conservatives to STOP the attacks on Gov. Palin.” More here.

Question: Do you think Labrador realizes that attacks on Sarah Palin by his side could backfire on his campaign?

HBO Poll: Puerto Rico Issue Matters

  • Wednesday’s Poll: Overwhelmingly, you Berry Pickers said it matters to you that congressional candidate Vaughn Ward believes Puerto Rico is a foreign country. 143 of 195 respondents (73%) said it matters. Only 38 of 195 (19%) said it doesn’t matter. 9 of 195 respondents (5%) responded: “Isn’t it?”
  • Today’s Question (in lefthand rail): Is Avista too quick and too hard-nosed when it comes to shutting off power to customers behind in payments?

ICB: Can Palin Save Ward? Not So Fast

No doubt this will be a huge event. Palin in town is a big deal and this stop should produce some huge revenue for the Ward campaign. It also give those interested in seeing Palin but unsure on who to back for the Idaho CD GOP primary a chance to see and hear Ward speak. Don’t underestimate her power to draw a crowd thus giving Ward a huge opportunity to reach new eyeballs. But can this one event fix all the Ward campaign problems from the past? Can Palin bring back former Ward supporters who jetted away after all the negative press lately from the Idaho Statesman and Spokesman Review?/Idaho Conservative Blogger. More here.

Question: What will be Sarah Palin’s impact on the closing days of the Vaughn Ward primary campaign?

Christa: We Should Cut Ward Slack

Christa Hazel: Actually, we should cut him some slack. Ward is so busy cramming for the “How To Look Like An Idahoan” refresher course that he doesn’t possibly have time to learn about other places.

Question: Any suggestions for Vaughn Ward re: how to look more like an Idahoan?

YouTube: Ward’s Comment On Puerto Rico

As most of you know, Republican Vaughn Ward referred to Puerto Rico as another “country” in his debate with Raul Labrador in Post Falls earlier this week. You can see for yourself exactly what the two men said re: this issue by watching this YouTube. Then, if you haven’t voted in yesterday’s poll re: this question, you still have time to do so.

Get Your Photo w/Sarah Palin For $1000

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin shows her hand with the saying “I am the NRA” as she speaks during the NRA national convention in Charlotte, N.C., Friday. Palin will be flying to Boise Friday to stump for Republican Vaughn Ward in his 1st Congressional District primary race against Raul Labrador. You can get your photo taken w/her for $1000. Story here. Story here. (AP Photo/Chuck Burton)

  • Vaughn Ward for Congress poster w/Sarah Palin here

Question: Can you think of a politician that you’d pay $1000 to have your photo taken with?

Debate: Is Puerto Rico A Country?

One of the most heated moments of the forum came after a woman asked whether the candidates would support Puerto Rico becoming a state. Labrador, who was born and raised in Puerto Rico, said he would support it if it makes a case of becoming a contributing state. However, he said now isn’t the time to consider it because of more pressing issues. Ward said now, nor the foreseeable future, isn’t the time to grow the country with other business to take care of. Labrador quickly corrected Ward when he referred to Puerto Rico as a country, not a territory of the U.S. Ward said he doesn’t care what it is, he doesn’t support expanding the country. Labrador then added: “Obviously you don’t (care)”/Brian Walker, Coeur d’Alene Press. More here.

  • Dennis Mansfield’s running commentary of last night’s debate, including back-and-forth b/n candidates re: Puerto Rico here
  • Kevin Richert’s running commentary on Ullman/Rammell guv debate here

Question: Does it matter that Vaughn Ward didn’t know whether Puerto Rico was a country or a territory?


Palin Coming To Boise To Back Ward

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has agreed to come to Idaho to help generate support for Republican congressional candidate Vaughn Ward. Ward campaign spokesman Mike Tracy told The Associated Press Tuesday that Palin will attend a public campaign rally Friday in Boise. The 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee was an early supporter of Ward’s bid to win the nomination to compete against Democrat Walt Minnick to represent Idaho’s 1st Congressional District. In March, Palin endorsed Ward on her Facebook page/Associated Press. More here.

DFO: Raul Labrador learned from spokesman Dennis Mansfield about this as I was conducting the quick online interview with him this afternoon. He didn’t seem pleased. But he said when I directly questioned him about it that people will be turning out in Boise to see Palin, not necessarily to support Ward.

Question: Is Labrador right about Palin’s appearance on behalf of Ward?

New Ward Issue Matches Another Site

Congressional candidate Vaughn Ward has posted three new issue statements on his website - and portions of one of them, on the war in Iraq, match, nearly word-for-word, the national security issue statement of freshman Congressman Duncan D. Hunter, the son of the longtime congressman and former Armed Services Committee chairman Duncan Hunter Sr., who in February came to Idaho to campaign for Ward. Ward and the younger Hunter have much in common; both are Marine veterans who served in combat in Iraq/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise. More here.

Question: Does the latest incident of copying from other websites indicate the problem with Vaughn Ward’s campaign may be deeper than ousted spokesman Ryan O’Barto?